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Jun 26 2021, 4:35 PM See Page
I don’t need this tile set all I Gotta do is take 100 feet down because I live in Florida
(Yes I’m Trying to be funny)
Jun 12 2021, 12:29 PM See Page
They look like recolors
Feb 7 2021, 8:10 PM See Page
Jump man is Mario’s dad
Jan 31 2021, 4:20 AM See Page
This sparks joy with me
Jan 23 2021, 4:56 PM See Page
Quote (murphmario on Jan 21 2021, 7:25 PM)
If that's true, then these probably shouldn't be here since MFGG doesn't allow Gigaleak content.

Also, these look a bit messy. Maybe try adding some curves and whatnot, and also another walking frame.
ok and the giga leak content was used as a reference not the entire sprite ok
Jan 21 2021, 5:11 PM See Page
Quote (DStar99 on Jan 21 2021, 4:25 PM)
Nice job using the beta leak Koopa designs for reference. These look really cool, and I can see these being used in some really good fan hacks/games.

Thank you for the reply!
Dec 30 2020, 10:52 PM See Page
Woah that’s cool can’t wait to see the rest of the koopalings!
Dec 28 2020, 1:23 AM See Page
I want to see this in smw style
Dec 6 2020, 7:02 AM See Page
Why is boom sonic in my smb1 sheet?!
Dec 2 2020, 8:22 PM See Page
Quote (N-Mario on Dec 2 2020, 12:59 AM)
Well... I mean, that's just what it does in Wario Land II...... Blame the creators of the game.

I know that
Dec 1 2020, 4:03 AM See Page
Ew vore (this is a joke commment reminder)
Nov 24 2020, 11:14 PM See Page
Hatster is happy
Nov 3 2020, 6:23 PM See Page
When a guy post a cursed image
Oct 26 2020, 1:56 AM See Page
YO i saw this on discord!
Oct 21 2020, 1:19 PM See Page
I don’t want to pump you up too much ambition but if you could deal all the other or hairstyles in Splatoon2 as well as the Octolings I’d be incredibly impressed
Sep 22 2020, 4:46 PM See Page
Can we get a crew mate without the Mario outfit
Aug 11 2020, 1:33 PM See Page
Wile I hate the smbas shading style I will admit this took a lot of effort so GREAT JOB👍!
Aug 5 2020, 12:01 AM See Page
Wait shy guy was a sprite on yww!?!?
Aug 4 2020, 11:53 PM See Page
If Mario had simpler shading and black outlines it could pass as pizza tower Mario
Aug 4 2020, 11:47 PM See Page
Quote (letdte on Jul 31 2020, 1:37 PM)
i think it's supposed to mean don't steal the sheet and put it on other sites

Ahhh now I get it
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