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Game Reviewed Mario vs New Wario Order World Tour, by Beibersoft
Review Author geneyuss2 
Created Jul 31 2006, 12:53 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
A unique game that is a timeless gem of both Biebersoft (Now "Jack Games") and MFGG. It has some flaws, but this WAS from the late 90's, so I'll cut some slack.
Pros Good graphics on the most part, awesome engine, most characters are canon to the universe.
Cons Why is Luigi a recolour? Why is Sonic in the game? It's pointless to go to other worlds (I'll explain.)
7 / 10
I liked teh engine (Except Sonic's) because it had a good pace. But a few questions. Why is Sonic in this game, let alone on MARIO'S team? I found it kinda funny, though, that Jack Games stuck Bubba in the game. But to collect 20 stars, you can just stay in the beginning world and do races or minigames 20 times or 10 times each. But if you want more intresting race tracks, go to other worlds then.
7 / 10
Recolours! Why is Mario green yet claimed to be Luigi? But, again, it was the 90's, so I will cut slack here.
4 / 10
The sound kinda suffers here, with annoying remakes of the overworld music and Sonic sounds ATROCIOUS when he jumps.
10 / 10
Despite its flaws,(That expression is way overused in reviews) I play this game at least 2 times a day.
Final Words
10 / 10
Whoever's in charge of the site, (Shadowman, I assume) KEEP THIS ON THE SITE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Because, in the year, like, 2013, Future fans will be like "So that's how fangames were in 1998!" And they will know what a good game is.

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Ryan Silberman
May 26 2011, 11:23 PM
It's now 2011....and I feel like this is a piece of fangaming history..

It shows what was awesome about it.
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