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[DL] SMM2 Urchin (Better Versions) By: SuperDaltonMaker
Credit goes to borebros123 for a Unused Urchin Sprites from the Gigaleak Sheets of Super Mario World Beta

better style, better urchins for each game style (Including fanmades)
Downloads: 805
Added: 06/28/23
[DL] Extended Bitsize Mushroom Kingdom By: SuperDaltonMaker
last year or something, I'm surprises that nobody have done making other extended bitsize versions like: Princess Peach, Daisy, Toad, Toadette, yoshi, and birdo... So here's my other SMB1 creation also known as: Mario Party 8 bitsize version ...
Downloads: 1282
Added: 03/31/23
[DL] SMB1 Tree 16 bits Version By: SuperDaltonMaker
you know something, I was beginning to like karilizard36's tree Idea, and it makes me wondering what will happen if SMB1 tree version look like in SNES SMB1 style?

Inspired from: SuperSledgeBro, and Credit goes to karilizard36 for tree! ...
Downloads: 871
Added: 01/07/23
[DL] SMB1 Grassland theme By: SuperDaltonMaker
Now in SMB3, we notice that it also has two ground themes like: Wood theme, and a Grass theme. But... What if Super Mario Bros. 1985 should've also had a Grassland to be as second ground theme?

Give credit to me if used and Credits goes ...
Downloads: 985
Added: 10/14/22
[DL] Original Early Princess Peach in SMB1 Sprites By: SuperDaltonMaker
I seen why people drawings an Early/Beta Version of Princess Peach's design in 1985... So then, It makes me feel like I'm making New and Improved Classic Princess Peach Sprites Sheets as a Playable character on Mario Maker 2/Super Mario Bros. ...
Downloads: 1444
Added: 05/05/22
[DL] King Bill SMW Beta Remastered + SMB1 and SMB3 Ver. By: SuperDaltonMaker
I've been thinking I add a little make up on Big Bill from SMW Beta, so there you have, and I also created 2 versions for King Bill as well.

NO Credit needed, I guess?
Downloads: 2242
Added: 09/04/21
[DL] SMM1 Weird Mario Sprites in SMAS Ver. By: SuperDaltonMaker
Enjoying Playing Mario in Weird Mushroom form from Super Mario Maker 1? Well now we can't wait to show you in what Weird Mushroom in SMB1 16-bit looks like! Oh wait... Now it is. Super Mario All Stars Version. Credit goes to SuperSledgeBro for a ...
Downloads: 1602
Added: 07/20/21
[DL] Mario's Bombs Away (Lost and Unused Power ups from SMM1) By: SuperDaltonMaker
NOTE: This Power up is Fake, the reason for it is I saw some videos of Classic Mario shooting Bombs or from Original Classic Game based from Game and Watch: Mario's Bombs Away. so that's why I made this Power up to look just like from Original, ...
Downloads: 1810
Added: 05/07/21
[DL] SMB1 Peach Playable in Super Mario All-Stars By: SuperDaltonMaker
You wanted to see what Princess Peach's Playable Version be like in SMB3 and SMB1 All Stars? Here we have a SMB1 All Stars Playable Version of Princess Peach! Fed and Bert, Ready to go. (Mama Luigi said)

Feel free to use this Sprites Sheet, ...
Downloads: 2640
Added: 05/01/21
[DL] SMB Beta Full Sprites Sheet (with Unused MOCKUP Concepts) By: SuperDaltonMaker
People wanted to see a Complete all early version of SMB, so... There you have it! Here are some Full Beta sprites and recreating early Version based from the Original Art Concept in 1985 are now in Pixel rip version. and uhh.. I don't know if there's ...
Downloads: 4532
Added: 02/20/21
[DL] the Actual Yoshi in SMB 1985 Ver. be like... By: SuperDaltonMaker
Credit goes to/from Inspired by AwesomeZack's Yoshi Sprites, Here is (Beta) Yoshi in SMB1 Version. Since Yoshi was made in 89, What would happened if Yoshi was made in NES back at 1985?

Hope you like it! If your using it, Credits to Me. ...
Downloads: 2182
Added: 02/14/21
[DL] Classic Daisy and Toadette (in SMB Various Ver.) By: SuperDaltonMaker
Ah Yes, Princess Daisy and Toadette, are coming to the SMB1 Style but old color design! Of course we All know Toadette was on SMB1, even though plain o' SMB1 toadette was from SMM2 Right? well... her color will be look: reddish! and since she'a ...
Downloads: 1892
Added: 01/21/21
[DL] Princess Peach and Toad in SMB1 Ver. By: SuperDaltonMaker
Even tho I try to recreated Princess Peach in SMB1 Style, but it's a worthless to try, But, with Toad, he's maybe still blue only on SMM2, but when he's Red and just Plain O' Toad, Peach and Toad are now in NES SMB1 1985 Style! as fan ...
Downloads: 2745
Added: 01/19/21
[DL] Wario and Waluigi on NES SMB1 Style By: SuperDaltonMaker
Having fun using other Wario and Waluigi sprites sheets on SMB1 Style? I know I am, but! Check out one of my own Wario and Waluigi SMB1 Style based on/off from the Original Super Mario Maker Mushroom mystery! (Including from the Weird Mushroom) now into ...
Downloads: 2039
Added: 01/18/21
[DL] SMAS SMB1 (But in NES 8-bit Version) By: SuperDaltonMaker
I bet your wondering why Mario had an Weird forward face like that, Well remember on SMB Game and Watch, Nintendo Design Mario face forward only on G&W Product only, but in quality... I used MS Paint to recreated Mario's Forward Face, and for little ...
Downloads: 2841
Added: 01/17/21
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