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[DL] SMB1 Among Us Crewmate and Imposter By: hdtv
Same as last time, but SMB1 and it doesn't include the kill sprites. I am not going to make a SMW one.
Downloads: 468
Added: 10/11/20
[DL] SMB3 Among Us Crewmate and Imposter By: hdtv
So, I did a thing because it was popular and I haven't posted in a while.
Downloads: 285
Added: 10/06/20
[DL] Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toadette in Super Mario Land By: hdtv
This again.
Downloads: 713
Added: 07/23/20
[DL] Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toadette in Donkey Kong By: hdtv
I also added some extra poses.

I may add the hammer sprites later.
Downloads: 827
Added: 07/18/20
[DL] SMB1 SMW Theme By: hdtv
Same as the last time but Super Mario World. This one was much harder. I think I now know why I stick to SMB1 tilesets.
Downloads: 820
Added: 07/12/20
[DL] SMB1 SMB3 Theme By: hdtv
It might sound confusing, but it is just SMB3 in SMB1. For the night theme, it would just be the normal ground night stuff.
Downloads: 722
Added: 07/05/20
[DL] SMB1 Factory Theme By: hdtv
I'm not good at backgrounds, but I will still try to do them. This background may use colors that are too similar to the foreground tiles.
If there are any tilesets you want me to try, you can comment it.
Downloads: 734
Added: 06/30/20
[DL] SMB1 Candy/Christmas Theme By: hdtv
Candy Land is now in Mario Maker 2! I hope it tastes good!
I think I might join the tileset craze, so I will be asking for requests/ideas too.
Downloads: 524
Added: 06/29/20
[DL] Huey In Super Mario World By: hdtv
Huey from Paper Mario Color Splash is now in the Super Mario World!
Downloads: 729
Added: 04/30/20
[DL] New Super Mario Bros - ALATIDNWTE - MARIO By: hdtv
The sprites of Mario used in my new game, New Super Mario Bros - ALATIDNWTE!
The moveset is a mix between Super Mario Odyssey and New Super Mario Bro Wii/U.
Downloads: 1517
Added: 04/25/20
[DL] Super Mario Maker 2 Super Mario World link By: hdtv
Link for Super Mario World!
Um... How is... staying inside all day?
Well have a good day and don't die!
Downloads: 1334
Added: 03/25/20
[DL] Creeper in the Style of SMM and SMM2 By: hdtv
CREEPER AW MAN!!!!1!!11one!!1!!won1!
I'm keeping the amiibo sprites because why not, but I'm not doing the 3D sprites because I not that good at this.
I might do more Minecraft but IDK.
Downloads: 1317
Added: 01/21/20
[DL] Super Mario Bros Yoshi By: hdtv
This is the same as last time, but with the SMB Yoshi Art.

So, um... do you peoples have any... New Year's resolutions?
Downloads: 1683
Added: 01/04/20
[DL] Super Mario Bros 3 Yoshi By: hdtv
If SMB3 came out before SMW, wouldn't SMB3 Yoshi look like beta SMW Yoshi since that design is older? Well, that how I made him look.
125scratch for the SMB3 Mario rip
AwesomeZack for the SMW Yoshi rip and the SMA2 SMW Luigi ...
Downloads: 1540
Added: 12/30/19
[DL] NES and GB Luigis By: hdtv
Not a SMM sheet. Just some Luigis I've been working on. Has SMB, SMB3, SML, and SML2.

This is my 49th submission and my 50th will be something special. (Which is way I haven't been so active recently.) Try looking in the game section ...
Downloads: 1875
Added: 06/10/19
[DL] SMB3 Skinny/Lengthy/Weird Mario and Luigi By: hdtv
What am I supposed to call them?
Downloads: 1250
Added: 03/27/19
[DL] SMM Bomb Shell Koopa By: hdtv
Mario was walking in SML2 Color and then he picked up a Koopa. He was never seen again.
The styles are:
-SMB (Original and SMM colored. Comes with amiibo var.)
-SMB3(Original and SMM colored too.)
-SMB2 ...
Downloads: 1877
Added: 03/05/19
[DL] SMM Amp By: hdtv
Mario wanted to relive his GameBoy times until he tried to get past some unfairly placed Amps.
This sheet includes:
-SMB (Normal and SMM colored. Also has the amiibo var.)
-SMB3 (Also has normal and SMM colored.)
Downloads: 1480
Added: 03/01/19
[DL] A Luigi Bros Super Sheet By: hdtv
Or a Super Luigi Bros Sheet... oh wait, Super Luigi Bros is already a thing.
The font used in the thumbnail was made by Wario Bros.
I hope you like it.
Downloads: 2026
Added: 02/26/19
[DL] SMM2 Objects By: hdtv
It isn't all of them.
I'm missing the redish SMW pipe, the SMB3 10 coin, and the SMB airship slope.
Downloads: 2198
Added: 02/14/19
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