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[DL] Earthbound / MOTHER 2: Encounter Swirls By: Super Piter
"• Here is a chance for a surprise opening attack!"
The encounter swirls that happen when you touch an enemy or initiate a battle with a boss or crucial encounter.
Downloads: 665
Added: 10/28/20
[DL] Mario vs. Donkey Kong - HUD Elements By: Super Piter
A little sheet containing a lot of the HUD elements of MvsDK for the GBA, Including the tutorial buttons.
Downloads: 570
Added: 10/19/20
[DL] MOTHER 2 / Earthbound: Game Over Screen Rips By: Super Piter
"• Ness! It looks like you got your head handed to you... So how about giving it another shot?

I thought i should share my ripped Earthbound to this site, because why not? There is "MOTHER/Earthbound" ...
Downloads: 537
Added: 10/18/20
[DL] Cheeseslime (Super Mario Maker Style) By: Super Piter
Because the Franchise choice is here i decided to upload this one sheet i posted in TSR because why not? If Pizza Tower is a spiritual successor of the Wario Land series, why not post this one here?
Downloads: 888
Added: 01/18/20
[DL] Edited and Ripped SNES Educational Game Mario By: Super Piter
An small sheet containing some poses from SMW. If this gets accepted, i will update this to have even more poses.
Downloads: 1424
Added: 01/01/20
[DL] Expanded Cellphone Mario Bros. Part 1 By: Super Piter, Bromaster, Super Piter
Part 1 of the expansion of Bromaster's custom sprites. Credit for Bromaster.
Downloads: 1451
Added: 12/20/19
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