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[Graphic] Custom Factory Tileset Posted by: Rhubarb44230 at Oct 20 2021, 9:10 AM
Quote (Geo on Aug 3 2019, 7:59 PM)
Pretty good :)

Thanks :)
[Game] Super Crown Land Posted by: BroskiX at Oct 20 2021, 4:47 AM
Why become the princess when you can just post your Mario editor source codes rather than... this?
(Sorry to say this, but if I wanted to, I'll do it)
[Game] Isekai Mario Posted by: BroskiX at Oct 20 2021, 3:33 AM
You know what, forget it.
I'll just rip Mario Editor's tileset.
[Graphic] smm2 smw extended semi-solid forest Posted by: BroskiX at Oct 20 2021, 3:30 AM
The SMW Overworld semi-solid from SMM1 would be a good idea for that. Anyways, nice sprites!
[Graphic] SMB3-styled NSMB2 Golden Airship Tileset Posted by: Theopold at Oct 18 2021, 2:16 AM
In-game this thing doesn't even fly( at least in most levels), morons! *insert emoji which indicates I'm joking here*
[Graphic] SMW-styled Morty Mole Posted by: Theopold at Oct 18 2021, 2:14 AM
You don't need to use a tileset palette for a sprite! You can just make one yourself, as long as it isn't more than two palettes! The SNES isn't an NES.
[Game] Nintendo Nightmare Posted by: FrostyTheBunny at Oct 17 2021, 8:47 PM
The game's really fun!
I do have my complaints though. Your mouse stays locked in the center even if you exit the window, and that can be quite annoying.
It's also a bummer you can't move with WASD, that makes playing in first person extremely uncomfortable.
[Graphic] Custom Autumn Tileset Posted by: AveCoo at Oct 17 2021, 7:54 PM
Great start! Could definitely use some trees, shrubs, bushes and whatnot to spice it up, but this is a great base and would fit well with lots of other styles found here :)
[Graphic] Custom Autumn Tileset Posted by: CM30 at Oct 17 2021, 11:10 AM
It's an awesome looking base for a tileset, but I personally think it needs a bit more in it. The lack of decor apart from rocks means that a typical level designer would likely need to mix in elements from another tileset to keep their level looking interesting, and would struggle as a result.

So if you ever decide to work on a future update to this, I'd definitely advise adding a few more background elements here. Maybe a few semi solid platforms like in Mario Maker, some trees, some Halloween esque things like pumpkins, etc.

But that's just my opinion here.
[Graphic] SMW Beta Boss Bass Color Variants + Expansion Posted by: AveCoo at Oct 16 2021, 1:40 AM
Great expansion - it looks very comprehensive and well organised :)
[Graphic] BroskiX's SMB Retro Tileset Posted by: AveCoo at Oct 16 2021, 1:38 AM
Love it! Great job including slopes too, that makes it even more useful :)
[Graphic] Mario Luigi Toad And Toadette Alternate Climbing! Posted by: AveCoo at Oct 16 2021, 1:38 AM
I never liked the look of climbing in the original Super Mario Bros, so this is really cool :)
[Graphic] SMB3 overworld tiles as SMB1 overworld tiles Posted by: AveCoo at Oct 16 2021, 1:36 AM
Great idea and good job on it :) Reminds me of SMB Deluxe on the gameboy
[Graphic] underground tilesets smw smm2 extended Posted by: AveCoo at Oct 16 2021, 1:35 AM
Never knew how cool a bone platform tileset would be!
[Graphic] Modern Chargin' Chuck HD (SNES-Style) Posted by: Mr.Pink Teddy at Oct 15 2021, 2:57 PM
Quote (AveCoo on Oct 12 2021, 9:37 AM)
That run cycle is SMOOTH. You've sure got a lot of sprite prowess!

Thanks for your comment!
[Graphic] SMW - Bowser's Boss Room Posted by: JumperK at Oct 15 2021, 9:18 AM
Quote (AveCoo on Oct 12 2021, 9:10 AM)
Seems useful! Solid rip :)

Thanks; I was surprised that no one ripped these yet. I've had a similar sheet rip for a while, but recently had re-made it to be more useful than the prev. version.
[Graphic] SMAS SMB1 Expanded Snow Tileset Posted by: Bstudios at Oct 14 2021, 5:48 AM
Do you ever plan to expand more tilesets from SMB1 in a style like this?
[Graphic] Mario (Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon Style) Posted by: AveCoo at Oct 14 2021, 2:24 AM
Great job capturing the style - I like it a lot!
[Game] The Legend of Zelda: Eternal Rain Posted by: Starwich at Oct 13 2021, 8:23 AM
Amazing game! 8/10 felt like a real zelda game, and was overall fun to play I just have two criticisms. 1. the game seemed to crash often, usually when you enter/exit a dungeon, though it still saves, you just have to start it again and continue. 2. the doors in the main dungeon are hard to see, so I was stuck in the first room until I realized there was another exit. Great boss though, it was challenging, and felt relatively unique (though I wish you could hit him with bombs). honestly I would LOVE to see a sequel to this, if you can get the crew back together.
TLDR: Good game, though it could use a few improvements.
[Game] Super Mario Odyssey Safari Posted by: Starwich at Oct 13 2021, 7:27 AM
I'm confused, what app do I open the game with, or am I doing something completely wrong?