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Awesome sheet. It would be cool to see more!
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These are just... recolors?
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Quote (Snessy the duck on Sep 20 2019, 6:23 AM)
well, this was certainly a game. couldn't quite live up to the original tho

Nothing can live up to the original. Its absolutely untouched.
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Quote (tarkan809 on Aug 9 2019, 1:58 AM)
Uhh... What game or media is she from anyway?

Shes from BlazBlue, its a fighting game.
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Quote (SRGPaladin on Jun 16 2019, 2:08 AM)
For crying out loud, I just played this (newest patch v1.0.3.4). I mean, this game's kinda bad, but you guys are acting like it's a blasphemous affront to 3D Mario fangaming, and Hello needs to be struck by lightning or something.

Either the older versions were really, REALLY awful (I dodged a bullet), or you guys are taking the "bully-Hello" meme to the next level.

Criticism isn't bullying. Maybe if Hello didn't make a horrible game we wouldn't be here right now.
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Quote (JacobLeBeauREAL on Jul 9 2019, 9:58 PM)
I would

I see...
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Quote (JacobLeBeauREAL on Jul 9 2019, 8:17 PM)
F*** Waluigi.

Woah now, that's a no-no word. You wouldn't want Timmy to hear that would you?
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Quote (JacobLeBeauREAL on Jul 9 2019, 5:18 PM)
I'm not putting a finger on this.

Dang, I thought Waluigi would have sold you.
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Just realized I forgot to credit Gatete for some backgrounds and another user for Mario's tiles. Oops! I'll fix that in an update.
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Quote (SuperMarioSpriter on Jul 5 2019, 8:43 AM)
*Please Delete this comment*

Why? It's not like we can't see it in Mysteryt1MFGG's reply.
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So you rated it as a game AND by how well it was remade?

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It's not good. Like, at all.
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A little too generous, don't you think?
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Nice features.
Jun 8 2019, 5:19 PM See Page
Forget go-karting, golf is where it's at!
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No way I'm reviewing this. Even at very low it runs horribly. Based on the video you released, this is just as bad as Super Mario Prism.
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Best part about the source code is that you can essentially have the dancing game with no time limit.
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Quote (Misteryt1MFGG on May 29 2019, 3:27 AM)
Honestly I don't consider myself an actual game developer. I can't even remember why I started to make games.

I might continue to make games, but for now I'm probably just going to make sprites (right now I don't even want to think of making another game).

Also, what do you think of the games that somehow managed to get an 8/10 (Mr. Pence TTW, TNDD and British Mario)?

They're pretty decent actually, I just feel like having the same style in multiple games gets stale and the flaws really start to pop up.

Games like Mario 64: Really Good Edition are probably the pinnacle of joke games because they manage to have great gameplay on top of humor. I think polish is what the gameplay in your future games need to be seen as legitimately good games.

The review (especially the end) may be a little harsh, but I want to see users make entertaining games with good gameplay, and I feel that reviews can help them see stuff they can fix to make the games better. I would be more than happy to review the full game when it gets finished.
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