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[DL] SML2 Luigi sprites in M&L SS style By: Nicholascooney [E] [W]
Well I finally did it. (Mainly because I thought it'd be funny to post again outta the blue after almost 10 years)
The SML2 sprites ripped by A.J. Nitro edited by me. Maybe I'll do that small Luigi by 2029.
Downloads: 755
Added: 04/14/22
[DL] SMW: Small Mario in M&L SS Style By: Nicholascooney [E] [W]
I made this to compliment my SML2 Super Mario in M&L SS Style. Credit original rippers: A.J. Nitro and AwesomeZack
Downloads: 6060
Added: 07/06/15
[DL] SML2 sprites in M&L SS style By: Nicholascooney [E] [W]
Let's a go!I've returned to MFGG after over a year of hiatus. These sprites are Super Mario Land 2 Mario & some enemies in the style of Mario & Luigi SS. All These were ripped by A.J. Nitro EXCEPT the bootleg Mario pixel art and SMW normal Mario, ...
Downloads: 5674
Added: 12/03/14
[DL] Super Mario World: Normal Mario With SMK Pallete(s) By: Nicholascooney [E] [W]
SMW's Normal Mario with Super Mario Kart colors. I also Redid the shading for some sprites and added the Paper Mario poses from previous sheet to this one (now they are 16-bit, on the earlier sheet they were 8-bit)
Downloads: 5495
Added: 04/17/11
[DL] Super Mario World Ripped/Edited sprites By: Nicholascooney, Bacon, ToadKarter [E] [W]
Oct 16 2010:These are pretty neat! I ripped a few of these sprites but not all of them (I did edit them and made some Paper Mario poses in Mario World Style) Special thanks to Bacon and ToadKarter for some of the SMW rips (Bacon) and the yoshi from Mario's ...
Downloads: 5907
Added: 10/16/10
[DL] SML2 Yoshi By: Nicholascooney [E] [W]
Imagine finding a Yoshi egg and Riding Yoshi in Super Mario Land Maybe a Yoshi cameo in a non-Mario Nintendo game for Game Boy? Perhaps a Game and Watch gallery? Well, whatever you want to use this for, go ahead. These were ripped by A.J. nitro ...
Downloads: 3933
Added: 09/11/10
[DL] Super Mario 4: 16-bit Style Luigi By: Nicholascooney [E] [W]
Luigi in the style of the Game Boy pirate game "Super Mario 4", with a 16-bit Super Mario All-Stars look.
Downloads: 4588
Added: 09/06/10
[DL] Super Mario 4: 16-Bit Style By: Nicholascooney [E] [W]
Sprite edits from the pirate game "Super Mario 4" to give them a 16-bit Super Mario All-Stars look.
Downloads: 6778
Added: 09/05/10
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