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[DL] Referee Mario By: mamaluigi
this sheet has all the poses and text of both Mario from Tennis and Mario from Punch Out - Both on the NES.
Downloads: 2580
Added: 09/11/08
[DL] Mario's Early Years rip By: mamaluigi
A rip from Mario's Early Years, a horrible game for the SNES. Even the names are horrible - Iggies nickname is icky Iggy.
Downloads: 2982
Added: 09/09/08
[DL] SMB2 Title Screen By: mamaluigi
A Super Mario Bros. 2 title screen rip, including text, fonts, characters, borders and backgrounds. 16-Bit and 8-Bit.
Downloads: 3189
Added: 02/25/08 Updated: 02/26/08
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