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Quote (Waluigi2 on Mar 15 2008, 4:42 AM)
The story is incomplete

What do you mean? That's the full beggining story.
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Quote (MYSTERIOUS METAL MARIO on Feb 29 2008, 10:47 PM)
Great, but in the newer games Peach has blonde hair, and dont try to tell me its daisy,
A) Ive read Nintendos story line.
B) Peach wears Peach Pink Dresses, while Daisy wears Daisey Yellow dresses.
(Im not trying to be a smart ellic, its just that alot of people have told me it was Daisey while it isn't.) Plus its just a suggestion. The Peach is still FANTABULOUS how it is.

Actually, in Donkey Kong the girl he's rescuing is his girlfriend, Pualine. And what do you mean "Nintendo's Storyline"?
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He may mean bricks that you can just plow through by walking like in the first one, or I could be mistaken.
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Well, maybe I was exagerating on the music part. Just many of the games that i've player (Outside of here) use that kind of music. I could have been mixed up with the original, actualy.
But what should have been left out? Some of the worlds were annoying, like the first few levels with the colored block puzzles. Mainly, the puzzles. I kinda wanted it to be more like the original, plow through the levels - you know. Of course, it's just my opinion. But of course leave some in - It would get boring otherwise. Thats just what I think.
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Quote (Weston404 on Dec 2 2007, 10:42 PM)
Does He actually say that? O_o

Amazingly... Yes.
* I didn't know Mario characters play online games*
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Lol, i'm actually fighting them right now.
"U r teh noobs. Noobs not hackzorred, we show u our uber l33t hammur skillz!"
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Quote (MYSTERIOUS METAL MARIO on Nov 30 2007, 1:20 AM)
Im sorry for sounding stupid, but What does that mean? Its always let me logout before.

Internet Explorer 7
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Quote (fonsijd on Nov 17 2007, 5:17 AM)
Agreed, due to use of swear words.

I'm pretty sure there have been much worse
words said here.
And I don't completely agree that "Crap" is a swear word.
But, the sprites are okay, but most of them ARE just recolors and edits.
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The body is too small and the head is odd shaped, and you used pillow shading mostly which makes it looks a bit ugly. Other than that it's okay.
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Quote (Retriever II on Nov 25 2007, 10:05 AM)
There is no age restriction.

And if their was, this site would probrably have 30% or more less people.
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Quote (galaxyguy-159 on Nov 24 2007, 11:32 PM)

to put it straight, yes. Yes it is.
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Looks like Yoshi's Island styled sprites are attacking the sprites page, men, this is what we have been training for.
And yes, yes, but is it a zoo or a farm?
Zat is ze question.
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Wow, you have been flooding this place with your sprites lately.
Which is good, because they all rock!
..What else to say..Oh yeah, Tinookinoodles.
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Quote (demon_masta on Nov 21 2007, 2:54 PM)
You should have a choice of X-Box 360 and PS3.

Yeah, that and you could choose to save the Nintendo WII's from being crushed.
Although that would ruin the fun of crushing, woldn't it?
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Either way... uh...
Nov 20 2007, 5:46 PM See Page
Must you correct EVERYONE?
Anyways, the game is fun. It does get annoying on the third level, because the way some of the tiles mix in with the quickly scrolling background makes your eye's hurt :P
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Hi i'm new an just regestered about 10 mins ago. Can i join the staff plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a good staff person.

your a good staff person eh?
10 minutes here, eh? You must know a whole lot
about this site. You must know about everything sice you've been here soooo long! Its amazing! Your surely to be made and put into the staff.
Anyways, the DS Mario Party sounds are a really good update, I needed those.
And its wierd, last updates you had like, 4-7 games, now one. Well, you can't ALWAYS have a huge load of ames is the queue.
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Quote (7007king0770 on Nov 19 2007, 3:19 AM)
I think that you should make another game thats half RPG/ half platform but make this exack bowser the main chachter! With a plot and endind, propley haveing 30 levels! I wolud make it my self sence i have supplies music and that. but i dont have the program to make games...

Download game maker, it's free of you can register it.
As for the game, like others said I can see why it was scrapped.
Usualy I scrap game's either because I don't have the skill's or it's just not fun to make.
And judging by you being ultramario, it probrably wan't because you don't have the skill's.
Though I would have liked to see it finished.
Nov 19 2007, 4:34 AM See Page
aww man, project everything is recreating every Smb ONE sprites?
I have a submission like that still in que.
But anyways, it looks really good.
But is it MEANT to not have any eye's?
Nov 18 2007, 8:35 PM See Page
Why did you submit a new goomba sheet when you should just update the other one?
This is the same as your other only with more poses, sojust update the other one.
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