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[DL] Custom Luigi (2021 Version) By: DrZuplow
Mario's younger brother finally enters the scene!
As with Mario, this Luigi is based off the SMBSS Live Action version.
Downloads: 711
Added: 02/10/21
[DL] Custom Shellcreeper By: DrZuplow
If you didn't know, these enemies come from the original Mario Bros. They got replaced with spinies in the remakes because people would confuse them with Koopa Troopas. I put spikes on their shells to explain why Mario can't jump on them and ...
Downloads: 605
Added: 01/25/21
[DL] Custom Mario Brothers Plumbing Van (Live Action SMB Movie) By: DrZuplow
I bet that you would've never expected anyone to make a sprite sheet of this!

Also, that's not a Koopa in the thumbnail, that's a Shellcreeper.
Downloads: 623
Added: 01/10/21
[DL] DrZuplow's Custom Mario (2020 Edition) By: DrZuplow
The first of many custom Mario sprites I will be making is of course, Mario.
Though this isn't any normal Mario, this is actually based off the SMBSS Live Action Mario.

Sadly, he can't Do The Mario (yet).
Downloads: 1113
Added: 12/23/20
[DL] Mario in Wario Land 4 Style By: DrZuplow
This sheet technically isn't finished, but I don't really have the motivation to continue working on it right now, so I'm still releasing it anyway.

I'm probably not gonna make a Luigi in this style, so feel free to make your ...
Downloads: 1566
Added: 09/11/20
[DL] Mario Teaches Typing (DOS): Mario By: DrZuplow
Ever wanted a Mario sprite that turns into a red Luigi with a green shirt when he drowns?

Yes, that's actually what that sprite looks like in game.
Anyway, here's Mario from the DOS version of Mario Teaches Typing. I originally ...
Downloads: 776
Added: 07/29/20
[DL] Super Mario World (MegaDrive/Genesis) Style Luigi (2020 Version) By: DrZuplow
Coincidentally, this is a remake of one of the first Mario sprite sheets I've ever made.

Yes, I'm making Mario sprites again. Let's just say that I've somehow managed to go back to liking Mario more than Sonic within the last ...
Downloads: 830
Added: 07/29/20
[DL] Ray The Flying Squirrel In Chaotix Style By: DrZuplow
An improved version of a Ray sprite sheet I made back in 2018 (which I never uploaded here). This is probably the most complete sheet I've ever made. Aside from improved shading I've also made a new title screen sprite, and some Special Stage ...
Downloads: 596
Added: 05/25/20
[DL] Mario Teaches Typing (Mac): Luigi By: DrZuplow
Somehow this looks more like a Green Mario than the original sprite.

Like with Mario, some sprites are actually from MTT2 (though both games use the same sprites anyway so it doesn't really matter).
Downloads: 642
Added: 05/24/20
[DL] Mario Teaches Typing (Mac): Mario By: DrZuplow
This is technically a rip from both Mario Teaches Typing and Mario Teaches Typing 2 as I couldn't access the other levels in the first Mario Teaches Typing (yes I had to rip all of these from screenshots).

Coming Soon: Luigi
Downloads: 901
Added: 05/23/20
[DL] Metal Knuckles in Sonic 3 Style By: DrZuplow
I think this is the first Metal Knuckles sheet to have his in game eye colour (which is orange), for some reason he had green eyes in all of his official renders and screenshots.
All of his animations were based off Metal Sonic and Knuckles.
Downloads: 528
Added: 05/23/20
[DL] Metal Sonic in Sonic 3 Style By: DrZuplow
This sheet includes all of Metal Sonic's animations from Sonic CD as well as some from Sonic Mania and Sonic Triple Trouble.
Also included is Rocket Metal from Sonic The Fighters.
Downloads: 715
Added: 05/23/20
[DL] Sonia in Sonic 3 Style By: DrZuplow
Sonia from the infamous Sonic Underground cartoon is now in Sonic 3 style.
I made this to go with my Manic sprite back in 2018, but I only made it into a sheet recently (after some improvements of course).
Downloads: 893
Added: 03/13/20
[DL] Mario Is Missing Deluxe (Mac): Sprites By: DrZuplow
Sprites from the Mac version of Mario Is Missing Deluxe, which for some reason has a few sprites that aren't even in the DOS version of MIM Deluxe.
This sheet only includes the sprites that are different/new, as someone else has already ripped ...
Downloads: 1086
Added: 03/08/20
[DL] Mario's Time Machine Deluxe (Mac): Mario By: DrZuplow
For some reason the Mac version of Mario's Time Machine had different sprites than the DOS version, so I decided to rip them because I doubt anyone else even knows that this version exists.

This might be an incomplete rip, because I'm ...
Downloads: 1292
Added: 02/22/20
[DL] Vampire Wario in Wario Land 4 Style By: DrZuplow
The only vampire who loves garlic.

Also, I am not making Mario sprites anymore, I have two reasons why I no longer want to make them:
1. What's the point in making these sprites if nobody's gonna use them? I had a SMW Luigi sprite ...
Downloads: 1309
Added: 02/16/20
[DL] Super Sonic (STC) in Sonic 3 Style (2020 Version) By: DrZuplow
*insert obligatory "his name is not Fleetway Sonic" here*

The new and improved remake of one of the first Sonic 3 sheets I've ever made.

This is probably gonna end up being used in a Sonic.exe game, isn't it?
Downloads: 963
Added: 02/05/20
[DL] Waluigi In Paper Mario (N64) Style By: DrZuplow
A Paper Mario style Waluigi sprite that I had started back in September 2019. I decided to release it now because I'm most likely never going to finish it.
Since this isn't really finished, it isn't really that useful for an RPG like ...
Downloads: 857
Added: 01/31/20
[DL] Modern Sonic, Shadow and Werehog in Sonic 3 Style By: DrZuplow
Sonic and Shadow were made in August 2019, Werehog was made in April 2018.

These were edited from sprites from the mobile version of Sonic Unleashed, along with a few custom sprites and some sprites based off Sonic 3 and that Sonic X game ...
Downloads: 1478
Added: 01/10/20
[DL] Mario's Early Years (DOS): Luigi By: DrZuplow
Despite being younger than Mario, Luigi also had a moustache when he was a child.

There aren't any SMW styled versions of these this time, but I am making a new SMW Luigi sheet (yes, another SMW Luigi) which will include sprites based ...
Downloads: 1576
Added: 12/17/19
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