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[DL] Big Kamukamu Upgrade + Edits By: N-Mario [W]
Fish boss from Wario land II. Expanded by giving it more colors, and more sprite frames. Made a toothless version as well, for whatever reason.
Downloads: 569
Added: 11/28/20
[DL] SMB3 Mega Boss Bass / Mega Cheep Chomp By: N-Mario [W]
Decided to expand & add sprite frames of my SMB3 Boss Bass V2 edits. Here's the bigger 64x64 version of my original 32x32 version. This includes the other variant colors for reference.
Downloads: 840
Added: 06/25/20
[DL] SMB3 Boss Bass 32x32 Version [NES 8-bit + SNES 16 Bit] By: N-Mario [W]
I never liked how SMB3 Boss Bass looked skinny compared to how it's supposed to look these days. For whatever reason It's in game size is using 24x32, which is 8 pixels too skinny. I have modified it to use the full 32x32 graphics scale to make ...
Downloads: 906
Added: 06/16/20
[DL] SM64 Bubba (Redrawn) By: N-Mario [W]
So, I've really wanted to make a new sprite of my favorite fish from SM64. Thankfully I found the base artwork of it from some Japanese artbook, and thus I decided to scale/redraw that into a usable game sprite because of the nice detail on it. I ...
Downloads: 1017
Added: 02/27/19
[DL] Boss Bass + SM64DS Big Bertha Colors & Cheep Chomp Colors By: N-Mario [W]
I was decreasing the colors of my original N64 Tropical Cheep Cheep sprite to the NES 3 color limit, and it ended up looking similar to a Boss Bass. So I went ahead and changed the sprites into an actual Boss Bass variant from my original custom sprite ...
Downloads: 1622
Added: 06/11/18
[DL] N64 Era Tropical Cheep Cheep By: N-Mario [W]
These were my most favorite design of these fish back in the day, and I still really love them. They mostly appeared in the first 3 Mario Party games as models. I wanted to try and draw these in sprite form. I think they came out pretty well.
There ...
Downloads: 1270
Added: 06/08/18
[DL] SMW Giant Dolphin + Sprite Expansion By: N-Mario [W]
Scaled up sprites of the Dolphins from Super Mario World, as well as added some more frames to give more variation of its animations.

Dolphins are so cute!
Downloads: 3350
Added: 01/04/15
[DL] Super Mario 64 Cannon By: N-Mario [W]
This is a 2D drawn sprite of the cannons in SM64. The other angles are not necessary in terms of game programming. They were made just in case someone wanted more angles of it for things like sprite comics and such.

I didn't intend on ...
Downloads: 3349
Added: 12/30/14
[DL] YI DS: Bessie Bass By: N-Mario [W]
First castle boss of world 3 in Yoshi's Island DS.
Downloads: 3866
Added: 03/29/07 Updated: 03/29/07
[DL] Various Mario Fish Sprites By: N-Mario [W]
Huge fish from various Mario games. Includes Bubba from the N64 and DS version of Super Mario 64, and Cheep-Chomp from New Super Mario Bros.
Downloads: 3695
Added: 10/04/06
[DL] Mario Teaches Typing Sprites By: N-Mario [W]
Various Mario sprites & enemy sprites from the educational game, Mario Teaches Typing.
Downloads: 7352
Added: 10/04/06
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