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[DL] Super Mario Maker - Arrows in 16-bit + SMW By: Kojimkj
Edited arrows by Kojimkj, Super Mario Maker sprites are from The spriters resource Random Talking Bush.
Downloads: 627
Added: 05/29/17
[DL] SMB1 All-Stars beach background By: Kojimkj
I just made a SMB1 (all-stars) beach background based on another one that was 8-bit, and please do not steal or claim it your own!
Downloads: 593
Added: 03/04/17
[DL] SMB1 Random tiles By: Kojimkj
Some random tiles I've made in 3 hours =I
Credits to Jouw for his ripped SMB1 tiles.
Downloads: 1556
Added: 12/02/16
[DL] SMB1 Block EX-Pansion By: Kojimkj
A random thing I've done for some reason. =I
Downloads: 1173
Added: 12/01/16
[DL] SMB3 Styled BramBall By: Kojimkj
A SMB3 Styled BramBall (with SMB3 Palette)
Downloads: 976
Added: 10/05/16
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