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Game Reviewed Dual Fright, by Electro
Review Author Super Piter
Created Apr 18 2023, 7:59 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Dual Fright is... Well, it's pretty self-explanatory. It's a Nintendo-centered FNAF spoof that involves you testing out the Nintendo DSi in an unknown location... At what i can assume is mid-night.

You are tasked with completing a few small games for the upcoming system, and that's about it. But something is hiding in the shadows.
Pros - No Cheap Jumpscares, a pretty common feature in any FNAF fan-games and spoofs alike.
- Pretty unsettling and gloomy atmosphere, specially when you KNOW something is out there, but you can't pin-point what it is.
Cons - Anything outside of the DSi's bottom-screen isn't explained in-game, but on the short loading screen where the game tells you to raise your volume until you hear footsteps... This isn't a particularly good way to go about these, though.
8 / 10
While being a FNAF spoof, it DOES have the amount of quality you'd expect from rough-testing software. The crudely designed and unfinished nature of the games, the pretty boring nature of it, it's lovely.
Also, the fact that you really gotta "shut up" to not lure whatever is hunting you is a genius idea for a game like this.
10 / 10
Top-Notch Photo-Realistic Graphic Design. That's all i have to say. Even the slight crack on the bottom screen says something about the quality of your "testing". It's something else.
6 / 10
The more "Meh" part of the game for me. Nothing particularly going on, or any audio cues to alert you to the fact that you're probably attracting too much unwanted attention, outside of the faint footsteps.
Final Words
8 / 10
Overall, this game is definitely a must if you want to play something that is based on FNAF without the cheap jumpscares. Even if everything you need to know isn't properly explained, it's GOOD. I definitely recommend you try this out for yourself.

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