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Jul 28 2023, 7:32 PM See Page
it's MFGG's what?

its what now?
Jun 17 2022, 6:26 PM See Page
pretty good execution! this is the kind of thing that has been getting submitted to MFGG since I've been a member (on my original account), and this is a great addition imo

I do wonder if you could save a lot of space in the sheet by removing the right half of these tilesets, and in many cases the bottom row? the snow tileset uses both of these, but you could probably fit the few unique tiles in a smaller area.
Jan 29 2021, 6:33 PM See Page
pretty neat! i cant believe this hadn't been done after all these years haha
Jul 26 2019, 3:53 PM See Page
Quote (125scratch on Jul 23 2019, 8:51 PM)
There's a new rip of these sprites!

nice job on these!
Jun 12 2019, 1:47 AM See Page
haven't seen the name MC Jimmy around in a while, glad to see you submitting!
May 4 2019, 9:17 PM See Page
May 4th 2019: HylianDev here testing comments for LumaSMS
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Quote (littlelum on Dec 17 2017, 7:27 PM)
I think another update is due

Jun 29 2016, 2:24 AM See Page
Hey, if you wanna play it, that's cool. I'm just criticizing it since it SHOULD be better \_(ツ)_/
Apr 18 2016, 6:59 PM See Page
What a useless comment war
Apr 7 2016, 6:28 AM See Page
Also that comment was 5 years old at the time
Jan 21 2016, 3:00 AM See Page
Honestly, animated GIFs are pretty in the past haha. MFGG3 should maybe contain counter-measures against this.
Jan 20 2016, 10:58 AM See Page
Quote (Wiiboy4ever on Dec 10 2011, 12:34 AM)
Are we even allowed to comment on these?

I won't tell anybody
Nov 24 2015, 3:13 AM See Page
It got uploaded this morning. Ctrl + F5 and you can see it!
Oct 5 2015, 7:40 PM See Page
Love this sheet!
Oct 5 2015, 7:33 PM See Page
It looks like some of those fancy emulator filters the kids have these days. I don't like them personally, but some people do. It's not bad, but maybe it should use some anti-aliasing.
Oct 5 2015, 7:31 PM See Page
I really like these!
Sep 19 2015, 10:37 PM See Page
Quote (Double Agent Luigifan on Sep 19 2015, 9:13 AM)
Well soree. It's just a comment on a Mario fangame site. I'm not sure a MFGG comment can have more implications than first thought in the first place.

Regardless of the situation, saying "it's just a Mario fangame site" is a really bad defense. This is a community. The United States is "a community". Committing offenses in the United States has impact, and can very well end your tenure in that community as you know it. Words hurt, regardless of where they're said.

Me speaking personally, not as a forum mod, I don't think the comment was too harmful, and plus people have a real tendency to get defensive in comment sections. But try to be a little more accepting of criticism in the future please. You don't get to decide whether or not your comment could've potentially harmed someone, that's up to those potentially harmed to decide. And the general consensus is, "gay" isn't a popular word to use improperly.
Sep 9 2015, 10:10 PM See Page
What a tileset should look like.
Aug 7 2015, 3:52 AM See Page
Quote (murphmario on Aug 6 2015, 7:06 PM)
The download's bugged. It doesn't save as a PNG properly.

It's not actually bugged; your current download is still working fine. All you need to do is add .png to the end of the file name and it will work.
Jun 26 2015, 1:37 AM See Page
Laughed out loud at "Hello Typewriter"
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