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Aw snap son I remember you showing this from waaaaay back when. Didn't know you were still working on it!

in fact what the the hell am i doing on mfgg i "left" years ago
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Quote (LUIGIMAN739 on Mar 16 2008, 6:47 PM)
You must be deaf
These are horrible
Most of these aren't ripped right
And the one classified as "no" is actually Wario saying "dodo" only ripped halfway
n00b T_T

wanna fight about it

for the record, these were ripped directly from the ROM itself, and his voice clips were pretty low-quality to begin

not stoppin me from submittin it tho ;O
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Quote (luigimario1358 on Nov 30 2006, 12:15 PM)
i have modplug, but this isn't playing

Because you use these files to actually make the music.

Also, you're using Modplug TRACKER (or a similar Tracker program) right?
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Quote (bhana on Oct 28 2006, 8:21 PM)

I love you too.
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Quote (FREAK51 on Sep 17 2006, 3:28 PM)
It says Im missing KCNArray

Rename gfNArray.gox to KCNArray.cox.

If you're using MMF, however, it won't load at all since Item Array was never ported to MMF.
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Mabye if I actually knew how to use the damn program I would. :P

And I think that .dll should be on Clickteam's site for MMF transitions.