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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. Dimensions, by LangtonLion64
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Created Sep 1 2015, 5:31 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
While it looks like an authentic hack of Super Mario Bros 3, this game is actually better in several aspects:
+ Every level has an alternative layer/dimension.
+ In game cutscenes with dialogs.
+ Play as Boo in shoot'em up levels.
+ Custom powerups can be bought in shops.
+ Custom bosses.
+ Mansions are less monotonous.
+ Automatic save file.
+ Time attack enemy screens.
+ Hidden levels unlocked by keys.
+ Hidden coins in all levels.
+ Collect coins to unlock numbered walls.

Overall the game is very big and polished, over 50 levels and every one is well-designed, including their alternative dimension/layer of tiles. Merely four times did my Mario end up stuck between dimensions, and I played through version 1.0 of the game in 10 hours.
Pros + Custom start menu rich of extras and options.
+ Super Mario Bros 3 style world map.
+ Warp pipes lead to world selection screen, like Mega Man.
+ Helpful talking blocks throughout the levels.
+ Perfect shoot'em up controls with the ghost.
+ 11 more!
Cons - The remix of W1-1 from SMB is so slow it sounds like an error.
- Running keys are released during dialogs.
- Running keys are released when changing dimension.
- Toad's House makes my mind spin of the physically defying scrolling.
- Bosses in Perplexing Pyramid and Frosty Thwomp Palace lack logic.
- World 8 is too difficult.
8 / 10
The game runs with Drag Engine 7 and it really feels like SMB3 while controlling. But Mario's powerups are completely custom, starting with the Jetpack that lets him fly for some time, though it has less personality than Nintendo's raccoon leaf.

The dimension feature is very important in the game. First I thought it was merely a gimmick, but from W1-4 and on it's an integral part of the level design, where Mario must collect coins in the other dimension and behind blocks that fade out when going behind them. From W2-1 switching dimensions is required to solve levels. Perplexing Pyramid (W2) is just brilliant, and fun.

Mario's powerups go on with the "Valueable Nokonoko's Tank! You can shoot cannonballs" haha.
That's a micro tank made by bricks, it's so cool and by design beats all powerups of original SMB3

More powerups follow.
+ Super bomb suit is used to blow away dirt tiles.
+ Laser Flower is more powerful than Fire Flower.
+ Laser Rocket is the Jetpack with laser attack.
+ Car can drive (many miles per hour :)

Only three enemies are annoying, the Tyke tires respawn at high speed every time you change dimension, and the bomb moles misses their dig animation, making them worse than the SMB3 moles that throw wrenches. The boss in Perplexing Pyramid makes little to no sense.

World 5 is very custom and you need to play it, think of all these pluses:

Surround Suburbs (5-1)
+ Goomba in car
+ Mario can car
+ Custom catchy music
+ Talking Toads
+ Brilliant level design with keys

The Lost Levels 7-3
+ Gorgous custom sunset background
+ Well balanced difficult

Bridge and Buildings (5-2)
+ Tykes match the theme well (aha experience)
+ Run on walls
+ Mors is in it, and talks about Thunder Dragon
+ Talking Toads
+ Interesting comeback of the dimension feature
+ Nokonoko tank
+ Laser Koopas
+ Iggy was here

City Enemy Course
+ Well balanced very difficult
- Can't complete if killing all Para Goombas with laser (door remains blocked)

Purple Coin Sunset (5-4)
+ Brilliant graphical colors in both dimensions
+ Brilliant dimension level designs powerups go on with the
9 / 10
Overall there are authentic SMB3 tiles, but several are custom, like flowers in the background, and my favorites are the Sonic 3 style rock and rail tiles in The Rocks Deep Below (W2-3)
And the green theme in Purple Coin Forest (W3-4) looks like Super Mario World. Aquarium has transparent pipes that are actually pretty in 8-bit.

LangtonLion64 apparently likes lasers, in SMB! His game, Dimensions, has custom Laser Goomba in purple, Laser Koopa, Laser Bowser, and Laser Flowers for Mario, each of them quite cool.
10 / 10
All sounds and melodies in the game seem like true 8-bit console audio. Many of them are remixes and a bit better than the originals, like the wonderful sky song in Purple Coin Night.

Some remixes are more advanced than 8-bit, like the rocking remix of W1-2 from the first SMB, and the beautiful demake of SM64 in Reef of Cheep-cheep (W3-2) or Frappe Snowland (W4-1)

There are also influences from Zelda, the start menu reminds of Link's Awakening, and the Lethal Lava Fortress sounds abit like Adventure of Link, and Purple Coin Forest reminds of Oracle of Ages.

While Mario uses the Super Star, the game sounds like The Smurfs on the Game Boy which is very groovy.
10 / 10
After playing through the game in ten hours, there's probably 50% of the other dimension left to see and several hidden coins in every level.
Final Words
9 / 10
This is better than Super Mario Bros 3 by Nintendo.

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Jan 7 2016, 1:27 AM
Quote (Final Words)
This is better than Super Mario Bros 3 by Nintendo.

That's saying a crapload.
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