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MarioSH By: Anther [W]
Game was "Scrapped" For Mario PN because the way it loaded levels didn't work on an astounding number of computers.

I think the scrapping was totally worth it :]

4 Level Demo, unless of course the levels don't ...
Downloads: 1987 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: 9 / 10
Added: 05/14/04
Crazy Shell Bounce By: Yoshimaster
The object of this game, while it may look like Pong's, is just about the opposite. Keep the shell within the brick area, moving Mario and Luigi to kick it.
Downloads: 1084 Comments: 0 Score: 6 / 10
Added: 05/14/04
Mario Destiny Awaits By: Richie101 [W]
Boweser unleashes his entire
army to kill mario, because he is tired of the same old capture princess peach routine.
Downloads: 1840 Comments: 6 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 05/07/04 Updated: 01/08/05
Super Mario Realms By: cyberdrone [W]
SMB1 style platformer with a pure tgf static engine using no extensions. Has 3 demo levels.
-Bricks, collision/jumping code
-Added Paralax scrolling
-3 New levels
-Updated Graphics
-Bowser Battle
-General Bugfixes
Downloads: 2791 Comments: 5 [NEW] Score: 7.7 / 10
Added: 05/03/04 Updated: 01/08/05
Kuribo Catch By: Retriever II [E] [W]
Description: A goomba catching minigame with extensive gameplay options and online high scores.
Downloads: 1053 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: 7.2 / 10
Added: 04/20/04 Updated: 11/06/05
Super Mario World: 1 1/2 By: alexand2
My first game featuring mario. It will have the engines switched on the next demo.
Downloads: 2161 Comments: 11 [NEW] Score: 1.4 / 10
Added: 04/17/04
Toad In The Hole By: SUPER_MAT_GAMES [W]
“Toad In The Hole” is the second in the series of the original SUPER MAT GAMES mini game: Mario mouse game collection. This time you take control of Lakitu as he tries to guide toads Kart away from the Monty Moles that are popping up everywhere!
Downloads: 1026 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 5.3 / 10
Added: 04/15/04
Super Mario: Mushroom Chaos By: ShyGuy182 [W]
Go through 5 tough worlds to reach Bowser's Castle and save Princess Peach in this Mario platformer which features a smooth static engine!
Downloads: 3080 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 7.2 / 10
Added: 03/14/04
Superstar Mario By: dr luigi
That's the old demo of Superstar mario, it's pretty fun and all hand sprited. I think you'll have fun playing while waiting for the next demo!!
Downloads: 1548 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 03/09/04
Super Mario Paralax World (BUILD 4) By: Yoshiguy
Stars, Fire Flowers , Hidden Characters, and more! A Mario game to remember and is constantly being worked on!
Downloads: 1879 Comments: 6 [NEW] Score: 5 / 10
Added: 02/27/04
Make Mario Dizzy By: SUPER_MAT_GAMES [W]
Make Mario Dizzy is a “SUPER MAT GAMES mini game: Mario mouse game” where you control a mushroom which Mario must watch carefully as it spins around him making him very dizzy, whilst avoiding various enemies and elements all with the control of the mouse. ...
Downloads: 2737 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: 5.7 / 10
Added: 01/09/04
Baby Mario World By: Golden Boo
Guide Baby Mario through his first adventure ever using the help of many friends including Yoshi, Poochie, and his star pal, Plink. *Demo Version*
Downloads: 2826 Comments: 6 [NEW] Score: 8.6 / 10
Added: 01/07/04
The Legend of Three Golden Mushroom By: TheGameMaster
Bowser has captured three golden mushroom. Mario must save them.
Downloads: 1867 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 4.3 / 10
Added: 01/04/04
Super Mario Remix By: Niko [W]
Simaler to Super Mario World.
You only need one hand to play.
Downloads: 2137 Comments: 8 [NEW] Score: 3.1 / 10
Added: 01/04/04
Bowser SSBM Jigsaw Puzzle By: Nite Shadow [E]
A jigsaw puzzle with a picture of Bowser breathing fire.
Downloads: 1172 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: 2.8 / 10
Added: 01/02/04 Updated: 11/15/04
Bidget Ball By: Duckboy
The object seems simple. Just avoid the Bidget Ball. However, it soon becomes a little more difficult when there are other enemies that get in your way. Also, there are two modes of play. Time Attack and Coin Collecting. (p.s. The name "Bidget" ...
Downloads: 946 Comments: 5 [NEW] Score: 8 / 10
Added: 12/29/03
Super mario blast. By: Ashurasonic
An excellent fangame, nicely organized and crisp. Even features the retro mario HP system and a fully functional tanooki mario! Give it a test run!

Note: This was my first mario fangame that I ever made. Enjoy it if you can.
Downloads: 1958 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: 6.3 / 10
Added: 12/28/03
Boo's Treat GOLD By: Pedigree [E]
Improved version of Boo's Treat thanks to the reviewers of the older version. Please do read the readme, there have been a few changes to that as well.
Downloads: 1047 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 5.6 / 10
Added: 12/27/03
Yoshi's Quest Gold By: Yoshimaster
A demo of the short-lived remake of my first game.
Downloads: 1913 Comments: 5 [NEW] Score: 4.4 / 10
Added: 12/14/03
Super Mario Noughts and Crosses By: djprobe
I edited this a bit because the 256 color BG was ugly. Have fun.
Downloads: 803 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 3.1 / 10
Added: 12/08/03
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