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Game Reviewed Super Mario X, by Rage
Review Author Vitiman
Created Jan 14 2013, 2:32 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
For the most part, it seems reviewing games from yesteryear is sort of my "thing". I usually have been taking a look at the more remarkable or interesting fangames from MFGG's past, but right now I'm going to take a look at an otherwise generic platformer that isn't all too bad for it's time.
Pros The little touches are very nice!
Multiple characters to choose from
Keeps track of pretty much anything you do
Cons Uses standard buggy TGF engine
A bit too easy in most aspects
Ridiculous glitches
6 / 10
The engine used here is your generic, standard-issue (and broken) TGF platformer movement. Needless to say, it makes certain jumps and obstacles much more frustrating than they should be. Beyond that, the game sometimes feels too easy; you have 8 Hit Points, so you won't die by other means any time soon. There are also the very nice touches here and there, like counters that keep track of damn near everything.
5 / 10
Your basic graphics, nothing special. Clashing isn't really prevalent, but nothing's really exciting either. Not much I can say here otherwise.
5 / 10
Again, nothing noteworthy to point out here. It's all your generic sounds and MIDIs. This really knocks me away from playing it again.
2 / 10
Aside from playing the game as the other characters, this is otherwise a pass from playing again. Nothing truly kept me from playing through over again, not even as the other characters. It's about as generic as you could get back then.
Final Words
6 / 10
Super Mario X is a game that falls flat for certain reasons, and holds up rather decently for others. It's very generic, and it has it's various issues that need to be worked out, but this can be seen as a diamond in the rough when it comes to older fangames.

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