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Super Mario Panic Demo By: LSF Games [W]
The third demo of my new game working on.
It's made on the basics of DeeY's Wario Engine, changed to a Mario engine. It contains 4 worlds, 1 Bowser-level and 13 stars ready to be discovered.
Downloads: 1761 Comments: 15 [NEW] Score: 3.5 / 10
Added: 04/15/13
Super Mario Sunshine 2D (DEMO) By: BulletproofPotato
I haven't scrapped the "Paper Mario game". I've just taken a little brake from it. So I made a new game... Yay...
I am aware of the obvious buggs and "stiff-like" movment.
Movement Controls:
"A" to ...
Downloads: 1061 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 04/13/13
Typical Mario Game 1/8 By: Supernova [E] [W]
Just a short minigame entry for Minigame Competition #32: Defying Gaming Law.

Have fun beating 3 difficulties on the same level! After that have fun beating the level that's built by Satan!
Downloads: 1478 Comments: 10 [NEW] Score: 7.8 / 10
Added: 04/11/13
Super Mario World Revolution Demo By: ipuresonic99 [E]
Bowser's building an army to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, and he's brainwashing toads to help him. Controls: Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, F1 for info, F4 to toggle fullscreen. The final version might take a while. This is the first game ...
Downloads: 1468 Comments: 8 [NEW] Score: 3.3 / 10
Added: 04/06/13
The Purple Coin - Batbro/Final Edition By: Miles [W]
Swarmed by an evil army of Collector Bros, you must fight to survive. Possess your enemies and cause fights to earn points and buy yourself more time! You aren't alone this time; a costumed friend lurks in the shadows. Complete Challenges to unlock ...
Downloads: 6707 Comments: 37 [NEW] Score: 9.8 / 10
Added: 04/02/13
Mario Revived #3 By: theblackwolf [E] [W]
This is the last part to Mario Revived Saga! :) More games to come real soon hopefuly!
Downloads: 1521 Comments: 12 [NEW] Score: 2 / 10
Added: 04/01/13
Mario Revived #2 By: theblackwolf [E] [W]
As the name clearly states,this is the 2nd half of the giant Mario Revived Saga game! Enjoy :)
Downloads: 1479 Comments: 13 [NEW] Score: 3.3 / 10
Added: 04/01/13
Mario Revived #1 By: theblackwolf [E] [W]
It was at one point in time one huge game,but it took thousands of years for folks to download it. So I hired Jason to chop it into three parts for me. Then I bcame a mad doctor briefly,and brougth em back to life like good old Frankinstein. Bwa,ha,ha! ...
Downloads: 2426 Comments: 13 [NEW] Score: 1.2 / 10
Added: 04/01/13
Super Mario & The Cave By: Mors
This was my entry for Minigame Competition #30. This game is mix of platform, RPG and minigame. Enjoy!
Downloads: 1255 Comments: 8 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 04/01/13
Mario Breakout Deluxe (DEMO) By: lu9 [W]
Play breakout like you never played before - Collect coins, get points, qualify.
It features 90% SMB3 Colorized Graphics (except the backgrounds)
This demo features world 1-1 to 8-1. Updates coming soon!
You can watch a trailer ...
Downloads: 609 Comments: 10 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 03/27/13
Mario Cave Escape By: techmario
This was my entry for the 30th minigame competition.

Help Mario escape the cave by finding rope. It's different every time you play!
Move - arrow keys
Jump - shift
Hammer - control
talk/confrim - space
Downloads: 1231 Comments: 7 [NEW] Score: 9 / 10
Added: 03/11/13
Mario Minigame Mayhem By: Mario350
Play 4 minigames, with 4 objectives to proceed to the next. This is a retake on one of my games that got declined before. Read the txt file for more details.
(EDIT 01/23/15) Wow. This is really insanely bad, as of now, I honestly have no idea what ...
Downloads: 1087 Comments: 50 [NEW] Score: 0.9 / 10
Added: 03/10/13
Wario Land 5 (Demo) By: Mario350
This is my first Wario fangame. It was made with UltraMario's Wario Engine.

In this game, Wario has to explore an island to find gold and riches. Will be updated soon.
Downloads: 820 Comments: 9 [NEW] Score: 2.2 / 10
Added: 03/09/13
Super Mario All Stars: Battle Royale By: GameStar18
A frantic party game for up to four players where you battle it out SMB1, 2, or 3 style in a couple of different versus modes, or go against a few bosses from each game in some boss battle modes (also up to four players)! There was more I planned on ...
Downloads: 4875 Comments: 25 [NEW] Score: 3.5 / 10
Added: 03/07/13
Super Mario Bros. - The Next Levels By: DJ Coco [E] [W]
Hello, folks!

It's me, DJ Coco, and I'm finally back with another game. This game could have been finished so much sooner, but I finally got around to finishing it... it's basically a game in the classic SMB1 style, but it also ...
Downloads: 4716 Comments: 22 [NEW] Score: 7.6 / 10
Added: 02/28/13
Rubis Level Maker SMB 1 By: rubis_et_cie [E] [W]
Rubis Level Maker SMB1 is a little level editor for SMB1. Other versions of this editor will be soon available(SMB2, SMB3, maybe SMW). Press F1 for help.
Downloads: 2178 Comments: 22 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 02/27/13
Mario Toad Hunt Demo By: Mario350
One day, Mario ran out of mushrooms, so he went to eat the Toads instead.
Eat all the Toads in each level to help him!
Downloads: 876 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 3.4 / 10
Added: 02/24/13
Super Mario Bros: Times Recollection (Scrapped) By: Gameactive
NOTE: Thanks to your overwhelming feedback, I have realized my mistake, and this project has been cancelled. You’re welcome.

This is a re-creation of several games done by a good friend of mine. Each game has been made into a world, and I ...
Downloads: 2140 Comments: 10 [NEW] Score: 1.5 / 10
Added: 02/17/13
Yoshi's Quest By: Genogenesis7 [W]
The winning entry for Minigame Competition #29.

Oh no! Yoshi's lost his cookies! Travel through four unique stages of puzzle-platforming action to get them back!

Wow! Six years on MFGG and I finally manage to complete and release ...
Downloads: 1353 Comments: 8 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 02/15/13
The Great Cursor Caper By: Dustinvgmaster
Join Mario in an extremely short, somewhat glitchy adventure to once again save the princess.

So yeah, this is Cursor Caper, a somewhat old game I made a good while ago for the 4th minigame competition on the forums.
I'm not too proud ...
Downloads: 1202 Comments: 15 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 02/12/13
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