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[DL] SMB3 Particles and Effects By: ComputerBoi13
Now there are the particles and effects that make the game look good and have a bit of realism.
Downloads: 582
Added: 05/01/22
[DL] SMB3 Inventory and Map Items By: ComputerBoi13
Now the inventory is here if someone was looking for the rest of the items.
Downloads: 264
Added: 04/28/22
[DL] SMB3 Level Items, Magic Wands and NPCs By: ComputerBoi13
I haven't seen a complete rip of this in any website, there is one in MFGG but it have missing palettes, its poorly cut, missing frames, and it doesn't have the world 7 king lol, but it changed today. This sheet features all of the level items ...
Downloads: 583
Added: 04/20/22
[DL] Mario Forever Power-Ups in SMW Style By: ComputerBoi13
I was doing this before the last sprite sheet i made, i got the idea of this because someone did a mario sprite sheet with the beetroot power-up and i wanted to do someting like that but in SMW style including the Jumping Lui power-up.
Downloads: 1005
Added: 03/25/22
[DL] SMM2 SMB2 Expanded Sprites By: ComputerBoi13
I was going to submit this in some day of October-November but i put it in hiatus, but finally this is here.
Downloads: 1220
Added: 01/22/22
[DL] SMA2 Mario Alternate Poses By: ComputerBoi13
This is my first submission featuring QuadFactor's Mario in SMA2 style with alternate poses.
Downloads: 960
Added: 09/04/21
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