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[DL] SMAS SMB Mario (Ruined) By: CursedMario
I felt like doing this for April Fools' Day.
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Added: 04/01/23
[DL] Luigi (4 Styles) (Hatless Extended) By: CursedMario, AwesomeZack
I couldn’t think well while making this. It made me decide not to put any SMB Luigi or SMW Map Luigi in here (for now).


Hatless Sprites and SMW Alternate Crouch by AwesomeZack

SMB3 Up sprites and Super form ...
Downloads: 1478
Added: 10/26/22
[DL] Mario (5 Styles) (Hatless Extended) By: CursedMario, AwesomeZack
Here’s a sheet with AwesomeZack’s Hatless Mario in 5 styles extended. Using stuff from my previous sheets, this includes Hatless sprites that you’ve probably never seen before. I also fixed some of AwesomeZack’s Hatless sprites that I thought ...
Downloads: 3033
Added: 08/06/22
[DL] SMAS SMB Luigi (GlacialSiren484's Version) By: CursedMario, GlacialSiren484
I have seen that GlacialSiren484 made an alternative SMAS SMB Luigi. Luigi in his Small form kind of represents SMAS SMB3 Small Luigi. Luigi in his Super form is one pixel taller. His hat is also in a different shape in some sprites. I thought this was ...
Downloads: 1781
Added: 06/24/22
[DL] Mario & Luigi (5 Styles) (Extras + Unique Luigis) By: CursedMario
This dumb large sheet is sort of a continuation of my first two sheets. It includes Goomba’s Shoe sprites, Dry Bones Shell sprites, and a bunch of unique and alternate sprites for Mario and Luigi in my 5 preferred game styles. The majority of sprites ...
Downloads: 4634
Added: 05/16/22
[DL] SMW Small Characters (After Castle 3 Sprites) By: CursedMario, XPGlitz36, QuadFactor
I thought it would be nice to provide unique "After Castle 3" sprites for the SMW characters in their Small form. The sprites of Mario, Luigi (SMAS), and Toad are originally by XPGlitz36 (I think). I thought I could try and fix those sprites ...
Downloads: 2230
Added: 04/04/22
[DL] SMAS SMB Toadette (Ending) By: CursedMario, xxxJohnnieWalker2005, GlacialSiren484, TomAndTheCat
No one did this yet, as far as I know. This is based off of GlacialSiren484's Toad ending sprites. This might need to be improved though, like the pigtails could be fixed. And it might be really messed up to some people, when you see Peach with Toadette.
Downloads: 1405
Added: 03/06/22
[DL] Luigi (5 Styles) By: CursedMario
Here’s my second sprite sheet with Luigi in 5 different game styles. SMB Luigi and SMW Map Luigi are just Green Mario. I see that SMAS SMB Small Luigi is supposed to like, slouch a little? But I’m too lazy to make him look like that in most sprites. ...
Downloads: 4385
Added: 02/19/22
[DL] Mario (5 Styles) By: CursedMario
This sprite sheet shows Mario in 5 different game styles I like. It also has Map sprites (for SMW Mario only) and Cape sprites. It includes sprites that I am most interested in, so there won’t be any sprites where Mario is in a Goomba’s Shoe, in ...
Downloads: 6216
Added: 02/11/22
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