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[DL] Sinopolis Mawboi's Goomba and Galoomba By: Sinopolis Mawboi [E]
One day, I made a good looking Goomba sprite. Then a Galoomba. Then this sheet. That is all you need to know.
Once again, credit me if used.
Downloads: 422
Added: 01/10/21
[DL] Sinopolis Mawboi's Pipes (Newer Edition) By: Sinopolis Mawboi [E]
That's right, I remade the pipe tileset I submitted early this year. Free to use in your fangames as always.
Once again, please credit me if used!
Downloads: 615
Added: 12/24/20
[DL] Mawboi's Pipes By: Sinopolis Mawboi [E]
A tileset of pipe tiles I made for an in-progress fangame that I think looks great enough for other people to use!
Please credit me if these tiles are used.
Downloads: 481
Added: 04/30/20
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