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Ok, 15-year-old-who-did-pixel-art-for-4-years speakin' here, and holy smokes, do you deserve the respect for your age! The only sprite/tileset I uploaded to MFGG early this year is shoddy compared to this lol. The only real issue I have is that my brain almost read it as Luigi due to the tall-ness. Other than that, keep up the talent, and good luck with your future stuff.
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Got around to playing this. Actually, about that file size issue; its with Construct 2. Its desktop exports pack in Chromium in order to run the games, because of Construct 2 is mainly for HTML Browser games.The game itself is meh but polish it up as everyone said, and you have something good in the making.
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Oh wow, didn't expect to enjoy this! This is quite a decent fangame and seems like what you get when you mix up the way fangames used to be in the early years, with some modern touches. I do have some gripes, namely, I feel the part where you recoil up for the first time ever feels a bit weird and trial-and-error-y. I enjoy the mechanic though, although I do think using the gun on the ground with that long windup takes some time getting used to. The art, I mean, that's what accentuates the 'old fangame' part, and I actually kinda like JB's design and may do some fanart. Not much to say about the sound design.
Keep up the great work dude, and I like to see the full game come to fruition.
Nov 23 2020, 9:36 AM See Page
This is quite great! I prefer this over the actual Kirby designs in official NES games.
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Quote (Toad64 on Oct 27 2020, 8:22 PM)
i have no idea why this got cancelled

Mostly due to bad code, and me not feeling the motivation to work on this. But hey, this was a good test run, and I do plan to make more games in the future.
Sep 21 2020, 1:07 PM See Page
Ayyy, great that my first Godot game is getting a warm and positive reception! Thank you lovely people so much!

Quote (grizzledwarveteran23 on Sep 21 2020, 3:00 AM)
Graphically great, well done on that. Gameplay is cool, but it could be more dynamic. After a point it can get boring, but that's my take. Is there a system that makes it harder as you continue in a level? That'd be something to consider, if it's not added already.

Excellent work

Glad you like it! I do have a hard mode in the works, though it will just be an option you can activate at the menu select.
Sep 6 2020, 7:52 AM See Page
Good luck on your career mate! Wish you the best.
I also welcome the green cat man with a french name (im assuming).
Hail Gatete!
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This looks really amazing! Great work there, I've always loved the colours of the NSMB Athletic stages.
Jul 18 2020, 6:40 AM See Page
Humina humina, time to add some sweet stuff into my favourites