HUGE Announcements
Jun 19 2021, 10:25 PM

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Oh boy, I got quite a few announcements for today.

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First of all, I'm proud to announce that NCFC is back once again this year! It will be taking place between October 30th and November 5th.

For those who don't know, NCFC is an online convention for game developers to showcase their projects, with a focus on fangames.

Starting this year NCFC will be co-ran by MFGG as an official MFGG event. We have been sponsoring the event ever since it began in 2007, but from this point onwards we will be having more direct involvement with it. Expect things to be a bit different this time around!

As for booth submissions, they all start now and will be handled through this site just like previous years.

Check out the forums thread for a full list of the submission guidelines and rules.

And here's the official website, the one where you make the submissions and see that fancy timer.

But that's not all, we also have less than 6 days left for MFGG Fangame Jam 3! I hope you guys haven't forgotten about it already. :)

And lastly, MFGG's 20th anniversary is right around the corner, and we will be announcing something big for it. It's happening on July 9th, don't forget it!
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Jun 9 2021, 12:38 PM

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MFGG Fangame Jam 3
May 6 2021, 6:50 PM

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That's right kiddos, we are holding another one of these!

Here's how it works, you got 3 days, and you're tasked with making a fangame in that time. You can team up with others or you can go solo. Your game also has to follow a certain theme, which will be announced when the jam starts.

It's starting on the 25th of June at 12 PM PST. You can learn more about it on the page:

Hope to see you guys there!
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Here's your favourite green explosive cat...
May 6 2021, 9:14 AM

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...with a update on his hand.

We didn't had a update in a while so here's one :)

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Yet another Mario Fan Games Galaxy Update
Apr 19 2021, 6:26 AM

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Apart from the release of a certain fangame (which isn't really a fangame), not much has been happening in the community.

At least... for now! Hohohohohoh, stay tuned my friends, a new community event might be coming soon. A competition perhaps? :)

But until then, here are some submissions to check out.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Essence Of Waluigi
[Platform] By DrZuplow
DrZuplow is back with his first attempt at a serious fan game!

5 years ago, Luigi was killed ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Kart NES
[Other] By TeddyRoseKidd
I theorized what mario kart on the NES would look like, and developed a mario kart game that would follow ...
SMAS SMB3 Switchboard By GoldBrick Studio
BombGuy in SMM2 Styles By MasterDarkar
Larry Koopa (New Super Mario Bros 2) By Larry Koopa Is Awesome
Maro's 3D Forms (Pt. 2) By R3n3G1ck015

Okay, why is SM64 Plus not under new games? Whatever...
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Yet another Fan Games Galaxy Update
Apr 1 2021, 6:31 AM

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Hey guys, it's Mors here from Fan Games Galaxy, the internet's greatest fangaming site. Today, we have a new batch of games, sprites, and various other kinds submissions, just for you to enjoy!

So, without wasting much time, here are some of the most recent submissions to FGG.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Eddie's World
[Platform] By Spade_Magnes

Venture through Tockin island as Eddie ...
Thumbnail Clashing Raimo (Demo)
[Platform] By Canamp
Have you ever wanted to find a new game that plays like Super Mario Bros. but isn't really Super ...
Smb1 Beach Tileset By 309846GB
smw beta enemys (incomplete) By spriterman
SMB1,SMB2,SMB3,SMW in SMB2 Mushroom By YJTYanJunTaki
SMB1 Overworld Remastered By KesterTank
Sml2 Sky Tileset By 309846GB
SMW Custom Toads Sprites Sheets By 9-Bit
Goomba with SMM2 Power Ups By _NB25_
True Luigi By _NB25_
SMM2 GUI Tiles Pixel By JosueCr4ft
Mario in Adventure Island 1 By Victor ManuelMR
Rebuilt Smb3 Mario's 3D Forms (Pt. 1) By R3n3G1ck015
Sounds, Music
Bowser's Fury: Phase 1 (MIDI) By GigaCatMario
Act Cleared (& Knuckles Version) - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 By GigaCatMario

Thank you guys so much for sticking until the end. This was Mors from FGG (Fan Games Galaxy), and I'll see you guys in the next update. Peace!
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Happy Mar10 day!
Mar 10 2021, 9:30 AM

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Today is March 10, so it's Mario day!

I want to make an apology for those who submitted some resources and took long to review.

Not all of the staff is online 24/7 and we are dealing with some IRL stuff.

Now enjoy these updates

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Mario is Allergic to Sunlight (Visual Novel)
[Other] By visualnovelguy
WARNING: This game contains violence.

In this visual novel, you play as Luigi as you ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario: The Friends' Rescue
[Super Mario World] By CrypticTheCrypt
My first submission ever to MFGG! I spent 9 months doing this, so I really hope you will enjoy playing ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. Advance 2: Super Mario Bros. 3
[Super Mario World] By King Mayro
A new 11 world Mario adventure awaits you in Super Mario Bros. Advance 2: Super Mario Bros. 3. Brand ...
Thumbnail Super Kekcroc World 3
[Super Mario World] By Knucklesfan
Kekcroc World is back and better than ever! Super Kekcroc World 3 is the latest game in the Super Kekcroc ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Kart Wii (Super Mario Kart Hack)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Astroclimber26
This Hack aims to remake every Nitro Track (plus a few retros) from MKWii in Super Mario Kart. So far ...
Goombas (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Koopa Troopas (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Hammer Bros (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Bob-omb (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
Sewer theme (pseudo ripped tileset) By CuriosityToad
Sonic Suit Mario By _NB25_
Special Goomba (SMM2 Custom Enemy) By JosueCr4ft
SMW styled YI DS Windbag & Nipper Dandelion/Spore By Tsutarja
SMB Beta Full Sprites Sheet (with Unused MOCKUP Concepts) By SuperDaltonMaker
Smb1 Desert Cave Tileset By 309846GB
Custom Biddybud Yoshi's Island Style By ApolosGamer
Super Mario Maker 2: (Most) UI Elements By SubPixelGamer
GreenHills in SMW Style - Tiles and Background By Linkstorm Z
Rebuilt Smb3 Mario's other forms By R3n3G1ck015
SMB - Grassy Forest (?) - Concept By VannyArts
Scorpion Donkey Kong classic By nicoluigi
SML2 Bee Baddies By onidrills
SMW - Peach and Daisy like players By Linkstorm Z
Bowser By OmegaF.
Bowser Statue By OmegaF.
SMM Custom Series - Enemy Bundle #2 By Mariofan230
SMM Customs Series - Koopa Troopa By Mariofan230
Smb3 Beach Tileset By 309846GB
Beach world map tiles By 309846GB
Level Editor + Save and Load With .txt Files By SuperSledgeBro

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Feb 23 2021, 10:19 AM

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Heya, I just want to remind you guys that we actually have a Discord server. In fact, it's where most of the discussions and community activity happen these days. So if you haven't joined yet, you can do so now from the link below, or from the sidebar.

We have also made some staff changes there recently. To go over them quickly, SilverVortex is now a moderator there, I am now an administrator, and both Clobbah and Recent have unfortunately departed with us.

And before I post the actual updates, I also want to plug a simple Twitter bot I made that posts random fangames from here twice a day. If it isn't the greatest Twitter bot ever I don't know what is!

That is all, time for the updates.

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The Ports Keep on Coming
Feb 12 2021, 11:00 AM

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Huh, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is out? I didn't actually notice, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't that interested in the game, but I must say it does look like an all-round upgrade from the original! I've heard a lot of good about 3D World ever since it came out, so maybe it'll be something you all could check out someday!

Anyway, enough on my thoughts about something I don't own, here's your submission updates this time around:

Recent Additions

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Jan 28 2021, 11:37 PM

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The votes are closed and the results are finally revealed!

Congratulations to everyone who won!

Oh yeah, it's been a while since we last posted the updates too, so...

Recent Additions
ShyGuys and Snifits (Super Mario World Style) By ShyGuyProductions
alex kidd smw style By nicoluigi
penguin mario_style SMB2 snes By Jose the cat
SMB2-SMAS Boomerang mario By ApolosGamer
SMB1 Hiyoihoi - Dream Recreation By Mariofan230
Full SMW palette By Ivan Garcia
Quint (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Kunio & Riki (Super Mario Maker style) By DStar99
Protoman and Breakman (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Custom Athletic Tileset By KesterTank
Kritter&blue Kritter By dracoaftonyoshi
SMAS SMB1 (But in NES 8-bit Version) By SuperDaltonMaker
Larry as Player (SMW Style) Version 2.0 By JosueCr4ft
Love/Dream Bubble (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Goombule and Spike Blob (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Koopeleon (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Bowser Memories M & L (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Broque Monsieur (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Starlow (Super Mario Bros. 3 SNES/NES Style) By DStar99
Lakitufo (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
New Donk City Citizens (Unused Concept Design, Pixelated) By DStar99
Wario and Waluigi on NES SMB1 Style By SuperDaltonMaker
Princess Peach and Toad in SMB1 Ver. By SuperDaltonMaker
P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites By RaccoonMario371
Classic Daisy and Toadette (in SMB Various Ver.) By SuperDaltonMaker
MarioFan's Miscellaneous Sprites By Mariofan230
Peepa By OmegaF.
Another mini tileset By CuriosityToad
P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites II By RaccoonMario371
Custom Shellcreeper By DrZuplow
simple text box engine By Friendly Dictator

Wow, that's a lot.
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