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Game Reviewed Super Mario PC Challenge 6, by Ralph89
Review Author Pucifur
Created Apr 30 2005, 5:27 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
With all the ones in my review, you'd think I'd of forgotten to rate the game.
Pros - Great tile menu - Save/Load option - Custom text boxes
Cons - Jumping was horrible - None of the sprites matched - Repeative music - Jumping was horrible - Enemy movement was glitchy - Jumping was horrible
1 / 10
The whole jumping thing was way off. You couldn't kill enemies easily, you had to line yourself up perfectly to make every single jump...the list goes on and on.
5 / 10
I was amazed at the beginning. There was a great title screen, custom text boxes, and good character photos. And then I got to the map screen. And it all went downhill from there...
1 / 10
The music, though a relatively nice tune, keeps repeating. This is an example of "too much of an almost good thing." Other than that, there was about one sound effect.
1 / 10
I would only reply this if someone was holding me down to the computer chair with a gun pointed at my head, or if there was nothing on TV.
Final Words
2 / 10
Usually, I try to beat a game before a review it, but I made an exception after around the 50th time I died due to the crappy jump sequence. You should only download this game if you like seeing you recycle bin being filled.

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