Feb 23 2021, 10:19 AM

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Heya, I just want to remind you guys that we actually have a Discord server. In fact, it's where most of the discussions and community activity happen these days. So if you haven't joined yet, you can do so now from the link below, or from the sidebar.

We have also made some staff changes there recently. To go over them quickly, SilverVortex is now a moderator there, I am now an administrator, and both Clobbah and Recent have unfortunately departed with us.

And before I post the actual updates, I also want to plug a simple Twitter bot I made that posts random fangames from here twice a day. If it isn't the greatest Twitter bot ever I don't know what is!

That is all, time for the updates.

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The Ports Keep on Coming
Feb 12 2021, 11:00 AM

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Huh, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is out? I didn't actually notice, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't that interested in the game, but I must say it does look like an all-round upgrade from the original! I've heard a lot of good about 3D World ever since it came out, so maybe it'll be something you all could check out someday!

Anyway, enough on my thoughts about something I don't own, here's your submission updates this time around:

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Jan 28 2021, 11:37 PM

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The votes are closed and the results are finally revealed!

Congratulations to everyone who won!

Oh yeah, it's been a while since we last posted the updates too, so...

Recent Additions
ShyGuys and Snifits (Super Mario World Style) By ShyGuyProductions
alex kidd smw style By nicoluigi
penguin mario_style SMB2 snes By Jose the cat
SMB2-SMAS Boomerang mario By ApolosGamer
SMB1 Hiyoihoi - Dream Recreation By Mariofan230
Full SMW palette By Ivan Garcia
Quint (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Kunio & Riki (Super Mario Maker style) By DStar99
Protoman and Breakman (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Custom Athletic Tileset By KesterTank
Kritter&blue Kritter By dracoaftonyoshi
SMAS SMB1 (But in NES 8-bit Version) By SuperDaltonMaker
Larry as Player (SMW Style) Version 2.0 By JosueCr4ft
Love/Dream Bubble (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Goombule and Spike Blob (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Koopeleon (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
Bowser Memories M & L (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Broque Monsieur (Super Mario Maker Style) By DStar99
Starlow (Super Mario Bros. 3 SNES/NES Style) By DStar99
Lakitufo (Super Mario Bros. 3 Style) By DStar99
New Donk City Citizens (Unused Concept Design, Pixelated) By DStar99
Wario and Waluigi on NES SMB1 Style By SuperDaltonMaker
Princess Peach and Toad in SMB1 Ver. By SuperDaltonMaker
P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites By RaccoonMario371
Classic Daisy and Toadette (in SMB Various Ver.) By SuperDaltonMaker
MarioFan's Miscellaneous Sprites By Mariofan230
Peepa By OmegaF.
Another mini tileset By CuriosityToad
P-Balloon in SMM2 Sprites II By RaccoonMario371
Custom Shellcreeper By DrZuplow
simple text box engine By Friendly Dictator

Wow, that's a lot.
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Jan 20 2021, 9:54 PM

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It's time, boys.

In this phase, you'll be given several entries for each category, and you can only vote for one of them. The entry that gets the most votes will be the winner for that category. You also have to vote for at least 5 categories, but you can vote for more.

This form will also last a week, so you have some time to think.

Good luck once again!
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MFGG Awards 2020 - Nominations
Jan 13 2021, 11:07 AM

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It's time for the event where we celebrate the past year of MFGG, and vote for our favorite fangames, as well as users.

Here's how it works...

MFGG Awards consists of two phases, the Nomination Phase, and the Voting Phase. In the Nomination Phase, you nominate a game or a community member for one of the multiple different categories. Five entries with the most nominations per category will move into the final voting, which will begin in a week. After the final voting ends, the staff will tally the votes and the winners will be announced.

Just like last year, we will be using Google Forms instead of forum DMs, so even if you're not a member of the forums, you can still join.

The rules are stated within the form. Good luck everyone!


...I guess I'll also put the latest submissions here since it's been a while. Though just to be clear, these are all from 2021 so they do not count for MFGG Awards 2020. Sorry, you gotta wait for the next year to nominate Nintendo Nightmare.

Recent Additions

Also a reminder, you don't have to nominate something for every category. All you have to do is to make at least 5 nominations in total.
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Happy new year 2021
Jan 1 2021, 8:30 PM

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The MFGG Staff wants to wish ya a happy new year.

And to celebrate it, have some fresh updates.

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Oh yeah theres a new guy in staff now
Dec 17 2020, 5:29 PM

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So I just got back from the staff...apparently I'm doing that with my time now! It's been a few weeks since I've been appointed, and since then I've gotten the hang of how to do everything there is to do as a moderator (it's not as simple as it looks, there's like responsibility and stuff???).
Gotta say though, it was a pleasant surprise to see that I'd made the cut, and I hope I make all of your moderation dreams come true (within reason)!

And with that, here's your irregularly regular update:

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Say Welcome...
Dec 3 2020, 8:20 PM

User Icon SilverVortex, our new Main Site Moderator!

We had many great applications, but we had to decide on someone, and we ended up going with SilverVortex! Congratulations, I know you have what it takes to crush those submissions into pieces!

I don't think we have announced this formally, but a while ago we ended up promoting Gatete to a Main Site Admin as well! Also congratulations to him!

Oh yeah, here are some updates too.

Recent Additions

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Important Security Update
Nov 21 2020, 9:47 PM

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A while ago we have discovered a security hole in our main site software. The hole is now patched, but it's possible that it might have been already used to access people's passwords, which is kind of an issue!

We don't know if this happened for sure, and the passwords were hashed, so it's not as bad as it sounds. But regardless, just to be safe, I went ahead and made it so that every user has to change their passwords to keep using the site. It might be a bit annoying to be forced to change your password, but I believe this is for the best.

As a precaution, I've also upped the security of the backend. Let's just say that if anything like this happens again in the future, the impact will be much much lower. I know this is a bit of an oversimplification but I don't wanna get too much into detail.

EDIT: More information came to light and we now believe that no database leak actually took place. We, however, will still force users to reset their passwords, as that is a required step of the security improvement we have made.
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