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[DL] True Luigi By: _NB25_
How many True Luigi sprite sheets do you think there is?
Downloads: 874
Added: 03/21/21
[DL] Goomba with SMM2 Power Ups By: _NB25_
This is a sprite sheet with goombas with SMM2 power ups. Got some of the goomba sprites from JosueCr4ft.
Plz give credit if used
(Toad sprites from SMB1 section and Luigi sprite from SMB3 section are from GlacialSiren484)
Downloads: 655
Added: 03/20/21
[DL] Playable Peach SMB By: _NB25_
This is a sprite sheet of peach if she was a playable character on Super Mario Bros. I hope you like it and give credit if used
Downloads: 641
Added: 02/14/21
[DL] Sonic Suit Mario By: _NB25_
Hi! This is my 1st submission on this website! It's Mario in a Sonic Suit! I spent a lot of time on it so I hope you like it. Give credit it used.
Downloads: 268
Added: 01/30/21
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