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[DL] Donkey Kong Arcade Mario Enhanced By: 125scratch
Every Mario sprite from the original Donkey Kong in enhanced form, as well as his hammer and a few extra poses.
Downloads: 875
Added: 05/07/20
[DL] Alice in Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) By: 125scratch
This actually really works if you think about it.
Alice's sprites from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories were referenced while making this.
Downloads: 696
Added: 03/04/20
[DL] General Sprites - Galaga (Arcade) (Modern Rip) By: 125scratch
Just an updated Galaga sprite rip.
Downloads: 466
Added: 02/02/20
[DL] Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man / Pac-Man Plus custom NES-style graphics By: 125scratch
I tried to make some Pac-Man graphics that would work on NES, are somewhat arcade accurate, and fit on one screen.
Downloads: 821
Added: 01/13/20
[DL] Yamame (NES Dig Dug Hack) - General Sprites By: 125scratch
Yet another Touhou romhack rip I did at the same time as the others, but submitted now because I just recently realized the "other" franchise option exists.
Downloads: 664
Added: 11/21/19
[DL] Marippy (NES Mappy Hack) - General Sprites By: 125scratch
Another Touhou romhack rip I did at the same time as the others, but submitted now because I just recently realized the "other" franchise option exists.
Downloads: 632
Added: 11/21/19
[DL] Bubble Bobble - Custom Commodore 64 Sprites By: 125scratch
I felt that the C64 could handle a much better looking Bubble Bobble than what was actually released, so I made these. Most sprites used by the game are here, but there are a few things missing like point values.
Downloads: 695
Added: 11/16/19
[DL] Kana Kong (NES DK Hack) - General Rips By: 125scratch
General rips from a Touhou themed hack of Donkey Kong. Reimu is Mario, Sanae is Pauline, and Kanako is DK.
Downloads: 799
Added: 09/27/19
[DL] Final Strikyuu (SMB1 hack) - Cirno and Letty Whiterock By: 125scratch
Cirno and Letty Whiterock (who Cirno rides on top of in her "Super form") from a Touhou-themed hack of SMB1.
And yes, Joel from Vinesauce did play this.
Downloads: 723
Added: 09/25/19
[DL] Letty9 (SMB1 Hack) - Letty Whiterock By: 125scratch
The player character from a Touhou-themed SMB1 hack by U1 and DASTARD. In this hack Letty Whiterock has to save Cirno from Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu. It has only two levels.
Downloads: 709
Added: 09/23/19
[DL] Pac-Yuyu (NES Pac-Man Hack) - Everything By: 125scratch
A rip from a Touhou-themed Pac-Man hack by DASTARD, featuring Yuyuko Saigyouji (sort of) and Mystia Lorelei (and her multi-colored clones).
Downloads: 652
Added: 09/23/19
[DL] Super Mario Bros. DX (v3.4) - The Complete Rip By: 125scratch, Flamepanther
A complete rip of Flamepanther's graphics hack of SMB1. Most graphics are taken from SMB3, but there are some cool original graphics and some cool palettes.
This is a .zip file containing 5 sprite sheets.
Downloads: 1562
Added: 08/26/19
[DL] Dejiko (Di Gi Charat) in Super Mario Maker costume style By: 125scratch
I originally made this for a friend on Discord, not knowing much about the character. It's a shame the Mystery Mushroom didn't return in SMM2.
Downloads: 793
Added: 08/14/19
[DL] Mario Bros. Arcade Pico-8 Graphics By: 125scratch
Graphics for a hypothetical port of Mario Bros. to the Pico-8 fantasy console. Also includes the Pico-8 font and palette.
I actually made these in July 2017, but I never uploaded them until now.
Downloads: 925
Added: 08/09/19
[DL] Various Mario Bros. stage elements remastered using SMW palettes By: 125scratch
I used my own arcade Mario Bros. rips and my own SMW palette sheet. These don't exactly fit the SMW style, but I still think they look nice.
Downloads: 1075
Added: 07/31/19
[DL] NES SMB3 Mario Rip - 2019 Edition By: 125scratch
A complete re-rip of Mario and Luigi from NES SMB3. This sheet includes everything that Drshnaps' original sheet had, as well as sprites that were missing from that sheet, unused sprites, sprites with palette bugs, most (if not all) of the invincibility ...
Downloads: 2091
Added: 07/23/19
[DL] SMB3 NES Bosses By: 125scratch
A rip of the bosses from SMB3 with a black background (no outlines that weren't in the original sprites) and the Koopalings without their wands.
Downloads: 2415
Added: 10/11/17
[DL] Donkey Kong 3 (Arcade) - Donkey Kong By: 125scratch
DK has now been ripped from DK3. Also includes the unused sprites of DK Jr.
Downloads: 2404
Added: 08/21/17
[DL] Donkey Kong 3 (Arcade) - Stanley the Bugman By: 125scratch
Stanley's sprites ripped from the arcade version of Donkey Kong 3. In the game, Stanley is actually rendered as 2 separate sprites layered on top of each other.
Downloads: 2104
Added: 08/12/17
[DL] Donkey Kong Junior (Arcade) - Characters and Objects By: 125scratch
Yet another Nintendo arcade rip.
Downloads: 2388
Added: 08/07/17
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