Batman Bros. Co-Op
By: NesDraug [W]
Bruce Wayne has grown old. He is no longer the Batman he used to be but he still needs to rescue Robin since he got captured. So he created a Batclone. An almost identical Batman. A brother, if you like. A Batbro.

Two player co-op mode
Players are Batman
Enemies are altered
Slightly altered levels
Changed warps
All colors are changed
Mushrooms are now bat masks
Fire flower is now Batarang
Mushrooms are batmask with blue eyes
Stars are now bats
Coins are bats
Bat flag
Backgrounds are altered
Game over bat symbol
New title screen
50 Coins to get 1UP

Sprite editing in NES CHR Editor
Sprite editing in Tile Layer Pro
HEX-editing in FCEUX to fix the colors
The first buggy version was released in December 2018
SMB Utility to change levels (in original SMB)
HxD to import the level data into the Two player hack
The finished version 1.2 was released in August 2019
This hack is based on the Super Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack by Corpse Grinder and Ti
Completion: Full Game Hack Type: Full Conversion
Base ROM: Super Mario Bros 1 (NES) Region: North America (NTSC)

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