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Super Mario 3D Land Mario Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Credits by RosalinaDaHacker64 & RafaMario

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Added: 01/07/18
Mario Party: Island Tour Announcer Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Contains: English, Espa˝ol, Franšais Voices

If you want to credit me that's fine

Nintendo All rights reserved
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Added: 01/07/18
SMW Course Clear (SMB Version) By: MadNyle
OGG This is a demaked version of Super Mario World's Course Clear music.
In Super Mario Bros. NES Style.

(Finished after hours and recently sent it to SFMB project)
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Added: 12/23/17
Mario Kart 7 Mario Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Mario Kart 7

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 2011
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Added: 11/17/17
SMB Bonus Stage By: MadNyle
OGG This is a composition i made for SMB. A recreation of the Bonus stage from SMAS Made in Famitracker.
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Added: 11/04/17
Some sounds and music from Mario Bros. (Arcade) By: 125scratch
OGG As with the Donkey Kong sounds, I couldn't get some sounds because they were playing at the same time as other sounds.
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Added: 08/13/17
Some sounds and music from Donkey Kong (Arcade) By: 125scratch
WAV This file includes some of the sounds and music used in the arcade version of Donkey Kong (except for the ones I couldn't capture because they were playing at the same time as other sounds). It even includes the unused music and voices!

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Added: 08/12/17
Super Mario 64 Mario Voice(in game) By: Ih8heels
WAV An emulation proof of concept made of how Mario sounded in SM64 in-game. There is a major difference of how Charles Martinet sounded between the in-game voice-clips of 64 & how he sounded in Super Smash Bros 64/Melee & Sunshine. I had to make this. Play ...
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Added: 07/04/17
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bowser Gate SFX By: Alex.Neumann12
WAV So I got a request to get a couple of SFX for the Bowser Gate in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This upload is the files I was requested to create along with the raw captured audio around that sequence for any Audacity retrimming needs. One of these days I'm ...
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Added: 06/19/17
Luigi's Mansion - Main Theme - Piano By: Benny B [W]
OGG The Luigi's Mansion theme song for Nintendo Gamecube, but made with piano. The file is roughly 3.8mb, and around 4 1/2 minutes. This song adds a classical spooky background to gameplay. The piano puts a more ominous effect, but was not played in ...
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Added: 06/19/17
SMG Honey Bee Voices By: KamellaFan, KamellaFan/Nintendo
WAV You encounter them on Beehive Galaxy
They work for Queen Bee.

They are kind of funny :3

Enjoy Honey Bee
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Added: 06/06/17
Super Mario Advance 2 and Super Mario Advance 4 Sound Rips By: antonioflowers056 [W]
WAV A huge collection of high quality sound effects from the GBA version of Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 (SMA2 and SMA4), like jumping, coins, skidding, mushroom and many, many more sounds. Credits not needed, but please do not claim as your ...
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Added: 04/01/17
Mario Kart 8 Daisy Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Daisy Voice from Mario Kart 8

Voice by Deanna Mustard

Ripped Voice Clips by RafaMario

Nintendo 2014
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Added: 03/02/17
Game & Watch Gallery 2 - Parachute By: jimmylampkin [E]
MIDI Hello everyone. I'm here with another MIDI song. This one is the Parachute song from Game & Watch Gallery 2. If you like, you can check out my YouTube Channel for this and non-Mario music.(Jimster3ds)
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Added: 12/14/16
Mario Party 10 [Toad] Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Toad Voice from Mario Party 10

Credtis if you want it
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Added: 11/30/16
Mario Party 10 [Toadette] Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Toadette Voice from Mario Party 10
Credits if you want.
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Added: 11/30/16
Mario Party 10 [Donkey Kong] Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Hi all RafaMario here and I release Donkey Kong voice from Mario Party 10
If you want to give credit that's fine
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Added: 11/30/16
Custom NES Mario SFX By: lu9 [W]
WAV SFX from Super Mario World and Super Mario 3D World in NES/GB 8-bit.
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Added: 07/15/16
Mario Kart Double Dash Instruments By: Ambiance 69
WAV All instruments ripped from the original game
Ripped and then grouped (organ, piano, bass etc.) by me.
No credit required
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Added: 06/24/16
Wario's Woods NES - Title By: jimmylampkin [E]
MIDI Hey everyone. I'm back with another MIDI song. It's the title song from Wario's Woods for the NES. I hope you all enjoy it.
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Added: 06/19/16
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