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Quote (MasterDarkar second on Aug 17 2021, 4:21 PM)
Yoshi's hands are not oranges

they are in super mario world.
Jun 14 2021, 8:19 PM See Page
It was kinda weird seeing the lack of activity here, good to see a new spritesheet!
May 2 2021, 6:43 PM See Page
something tells me you are doing this on purpose just to get us mad
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Quote (TehPuertoRicanSpartan on Apr 24 2021, 6:09 PM)
1. It's supposed to be windowed, not fullscreen!

When did he ever say it's supposed to be windowed?
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Quote (Itzmariotime on Apr 21 2021, 2:20 AM)
Probably a glitch

"Just to annoy you. < : )" ~ Mors
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Quote (endlessmarioearth on Apr 20 2021, 7:01 PM)
Why didn't you include better graphics like render96? Who wants to play this game with the old graphics and blurry textures? Common sense.

because most people like it??? you do know people can have opinions on things, no need to be so self-centered lol
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I don't know if this is just me, but this game seems kind of unstable. When I encountered the first (assuming there are more bosses) boss, it seemingly broke and just disappeared, leading me stuck in the boss room without a boss to fight.
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Quote (GuyFromOuterSpace on Apr 9 2021, 9:22 PM)
its mario

thanks for the important information, totally didn't know that before.
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I love the fact that all the reviews gave this a 3/10.
Mar 16 2021, 4:50 AM See Page
I like the simplistic look.
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Quote (Master STEID on Jan 18 2021, 6:01 AM)
Mm I don't like it

Why? Can you give any criticism?
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Step aside, it's time for Ring Man to do his ring thing!
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Quote (Mariotroid on Jan 15 2021, 4:29 AM)
2010 games can still be polished

It's still a bit old, like 10 years ago.
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Quote (Mariotroid on Jan 14 2021, 7:40 PM)
Like most fangames, I wanted to quit when I died. It's an alright game. Just needs polish.

This is a game made in 2010 if you didn't know.
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ayyy it's lugie