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[DL] SMW Pirate/Sunken/Ghost ship tileset By: LumSht
There isn't really more to say about this.

Give credits if used.
Downloads: 5
Added: 01/24/23
[DL] SMW styled Rainbow Road Tileset By: LumSht
I have returned with another tileset. The tiles are all meant to be animated (5 frames)

Hope this'll be usefull to anyone here and don't forget to credit me if used! :)
Downloads: 526
Added: 01/01/23
[DL] SMW styled NSMB2 sky castle By: LumSht
A SMW version of the sky castle from the mario game noone likes.

Please leave credit.
Downloads: 973
Added: 06/04/22
[DL] SMW styled NSMB underwater tileset By: LumSht
A SMW version of the NSMB underwater tileset. There isn´t really more to say about this.

Please leave credit!
Downloads: 933
Added: 04/30/22
[DL] SMW styled NSMB ghost house tileset. By: LumSht
A SMW version of the NSMB ghost house. Those stair-slopes look awkward IK, but i couldn´t improve due to SMW´s limited color palette.

Please leave credit!
Downloads: 888
Added: 04/30/22
[DL] SMW-Brambles By: LumSht
Just smm2 smw sky theme brambles with some thorns on it. Probably in best use with the regular smm smw sky tileset.

Leave credit if used.
Downloads: 910
Added: 04/27/22
[DL] SMAS SMB1 beach tileset By: LumSht
Haven´t found a SMAS SMB1 beach tileset anywhere, so i decided to do it myself. The sand is more or less a reshaded mix of the smm2 smb1 desert sand tile and the smas smb1 underwater ground block. And the not-sand-part is obviously just a recolor of ...
Downloads: 1062
Added: 04/24/22
[DL] SMB1 Tree semisolid extented By: LumSht
An extented version of the 1-3 tree, which comes with 4 leaf variations and 3 stem variations.

Leave credit if used!
Downloads: 970
Added: 04/17/22
[DL] SMB1 Ice Tileset (16-Bits) By: LumSht
My first submission, i hope it will be usefull to anyone here. :)

Please leave Credit!
Downloads: 668
Added: 04/05/22
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