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[DL] Custom Athletic Tileset By: KesterTank
"Are you afraid of heights, or the big funky mushrooms?"

- Tileset
- Wooden block
- Hills
- Mushroom platforms
- Sizeable blocks with 2 styles

Anyway, I'm working on a Mario game project ...
Downloads: 279
Added: 01/16/21
[DL] Kester's Block GFX By: KesterTank
A block gfx based on the current appearances of these blocks on Mario games.

Make sure to give credit to me & Kopejo if you're going use them.
Downloads: 1052
Added: 08/05/20
[DL] Kester's Desert Tileset 1# By: KesterTank
Hmm... The sand in the desert, dry, coarse, and warm it is.

The grass in the tileset's soil were ripped from Kirby Mass Attack.
Downloads: 554
Added: 05/22/20
[DL] Custom Goombas GFX By: KesterTank
My 2nd NPC sheet on this site.

Includes 5 species of the Goomba family
- Goomba
- Galoomba
- Goombrat
- Goombud
- Goombo (SML)

Credit to Icegoom for the SMW redrawn wings, so credit him when you use the ...
Downloads: 872
Added: 04/06/20
[DL] Kester's Grass Tileset 1# By: KesterTank
Finally my very own first tileset.
There are 2 styles in there, traditional and modern.

Traditional covers the whole tileset with grass like the grass tileset from SMW.
Modern covers only the top and the slopes with grass like the ...
Downloads: 779
Added: 04/03/20
[DL] Kester's Piranha Plant GFX 1.0 By: KesterTank
Since there is a lack of custom piranha gfx I decided to make my own.
There is an SMB3 colored version of it in the sheet and the inside boxes are clear so you don't need to remove the colored box inside of the gfx, so ripping them is easier.
Downloads: 881
Added: 11/04/19
[DL] Kester's Random Item Set 1.0 By: KesterTank
I'm back guys, my here's my third submission.
You get power-ups and blocks.
I will add more stuff in the future.
Yeah, the background looks a watermelon did it intentionally because of summer.
Downloads: 1492
Added: 07/01/19
[DL] Kester's Semi-Solids GFX 1.0 By: KesterTank
So I made semi solids blocks from the Mario Series, something special that this has various types of patterns.

List of variations of these blocks
Downloads: 1424
Added: 03/29/19
[DL] Kester's Pipes GFX 2.0 MEGA EDITION By: KesterTank
The rest of these tilesets are made by me expect of the base of the 16x16 hard/pipe block which is made by Kopejo, so credit to him too.

Use these graphics if you want as long if you give credit to me. :-D
Downloads: 1438
Added: 03/26/19
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