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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. Dimensions, by LangtonLion64
Review Author steffire
Created Mar 19 2016, 10:59 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Amusingly cute little scenes- leading to an epic encounter with King Koopa at the end- attempting to explain some of the gap between the story of Bros. and World... Mario is inspirationally open in terms of stories...

This game hits gold when compared to its official inspirations of the Super Mario Bros. Series... dimension swapping allows for level designs otherwise not possible and even without- it manages to shine with crafty and classic platforming halls supported by refreshingly diverse levels.
Pros Good variety of levels with good design.
Decent placement of collectables.
Excellent use of dimension swapping.
Better than average bosses.
Pick-up and play with good pacing.
Cons Could use an easy version of some levels.
Some collectables are too well hidden.
A few areas are dimensionally hazardous.
Bosses need some bodyguards and shields.
Could use more content.
9 / 10
Amazing level design is appreciated... not a '10' because a few levels are difficult for the wrong reasons and a few of the historical levels could have seen more interesting candidates used.
8 / 10
8-bit style with some customs... I actually like the vivid and soft 2 to 3 toned colors- as it defines and gives unique character to individuals... would get a higher rating if assets were more polished.
9 / 10
8-bit sound and music... excellent conversion of certain modern Mario themes into this style... Boss tracks are lacking- yet players can 'customize' music to their liking- appreciated greatly.
9 / 10
Anyone that enjoys good and unique Mario-like platformers will get a kick out of this. Strict difficulty will turn some away as well as the hunt for near-impossible star coins... Could use some help in other ways.
Final Words
9 / 10
A must-play tribute to the Super Mario Bros. Genre... Better than some official games.

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