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[DL] Enemies of smb2 style smb3 smas (Part1) By: AngelMGR [E] [W]
I decided to make the enemies of Smb2 in the style of smb3 smas. And yes, enemies are missing, that's why I put that it was part 1 and the other enemies will be in part 2. You do not need permission to use these sprites, you are free to use them, ...
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Added: 02/13/21
[DL] Custom/edited goombas style smb3 smas By: AngelMGR [E] [W]
Custom / edited goombas style smb3 smas made by me, I want to clarify that this is the first time that I make a sprite sheet (discarding the others that were only pure recolors) Probably some do not like it and others if they like it. Better leave your ...
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Added: 09/03/20
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