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Game Reviewed Normal Super Mario Bros., by gamester
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Created Jan 31 2009, 2:48 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Normal Super Mario Bros. is not what you'd expect. At first, it looks like any other SMB remake of the first level. Well, actually, the first strange thing you see is that Mario has "x Peace Symbol" lives. Second, you'll find that coins did not add to you coin count. I thought the creator was being lazy. So, you can't proceed forward, so you have to hit the purple box. One of those fuzzy ball things pop out.

That's when the game gets strange. The fuzzy ball seems to make Mario go into a state similar to if one were high. And that's essentially what "Normal" Super Mario Bros. Ranging from Bill Clinton Goombas to a gigantic monstrous Bowser chasing you, and even gunning down that retarded happy face, this game is funny, interesting, unique, and just plain weird overall.
Pros + Very colorful, funny environment.
+ Many odd, random challenge.
+ Is not just a crappy SMB 1-1 Remake.
+ Humorous
Cons - Mario's floaty physics and size changing are somewhat odd to play with.
- The challenges were a bit easy.
7 / 10
The gameplay was decent. Lacked in features, but was effective enough.

The game's physics, great to say, were actually (or seemed to be) original, and not just a premade Hello clone. Mario could've been a tad less floaty in normal state though.

In his normal, 8 bit state, Mario has just basic, remake-esque physics. However, once Mario changes, his physics just become odd. He's much more floaty, which could be strange at times, especially during the Bowser chase scene.

The game is mostly just a set of three challenges, with a few Billy Clinton Goombas and blocks in between, all in a single level. The challenges themselves are pretty simple to do, so you shouldn't be dying so much. The final challenge might be hard, depending on how easy you can control Mario.

Mario also has a health bar, totalling at 8, which is called his "Sanity". When his sanity depletes, you lose the game. There isn't anyway to raise it back up, so try not to get hit too many times.

The game itself is pretty interesting. It lacks in features though, the challenges could have been somewhat more challenging and I'm not particularly fond of Mario's physics. Gameplay is therefore deducted a few points.

Overall though, amazing concept, and executed pretty well.
8 / 10
The graphics seemed normal at first (aside from a Peace symbol for lives). Just SMB sprites which are fairly overused. After you enter in "high mode" though, the environment just changes drastically.

Mario changes to look more 3d esque, and walks and jumps in a different manner. His fluctuating size though could probably be reduced a bit in size max, or slowed down a bit though, as it distracted me from the gameplay somewhat.

The entire field changes to a more rainbowy, colorful world, where the blocks flash different colors and 2d shapes fill the sky.

Some sprites obviously did not fit in, but I'm sure it was intentional, and they blended in rather nicely together.

I loved how the blocks were capable of doing many different animations, from just growing massive in size, to strange objects popping out.

Though the graphics were all over the place, 8 bit to 3d, they meshed in decently, and made for a hilarious environment.
10 / 10
The sound and music astounded me.

Everything sounded great, and gave the game a certain charm.

The music was typical SMB music, forward (normal mode) and backwards (insanity mode). The regular music did it's job, while the reversed remix amazed me. It added and enhanced the atmosphere of the level.

The sound effects were nice to listen to. Instead of just normal Mario sound effects, there are a ton of other sound effects, and each sound effect is almost entirely unique in that it serves a single purpose.

Though there was little music, it has great quality, and fit it's atmosphere. The sound effects were amazing, as there was so many to listen to, and not just "jump, coin, block smash" over and over.

I see no issues with music and sound effects. They were absolutely perfect.
3 / 10
Because it's only a single level, you might not be playing it so much.

However, it's fun while you are playing it. The challenges were fun to do, and the wide array of graphics and sound effects will captivate you, maybe wanting you to play more.

If you like humorous things, you might be coming back to play it again in the near future.
Final Words
8 / 10
If Nintendo was high and decided to create a Mario game, it'd probably be something like this.

Normal Super Mario Bros. is no ordinary Mario remake, and it definately is a nice change from the flock of SMB clones/remakes that MFGG has seem to have been receiving recently.

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Feb 3 2009, 1:16 PM
Agreed. The game is amazing.
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Feb 16 2009, 7:37 PM
I totally agree with this review. Lol i like how you said "If Nintendo was high and decided to create a Mario game, it'd probably be something like this."
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