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[DL] Sidescrolling Section Tilesets (Zelda Four Swords Adventures) By: CM30 [W]
Here are the various tilesets used for the 2D sections of dungeons and caves, as ripped straight from the game. These are usually displayed on the GBA screen in the game itself.
Downloads: 616
Added: 08/22/23
[DL] Wario Land 4 - Pinball Zone Tileset By: CM30 [W]
The tileset from Pinball Zone, complete with the various background graphics used in each of the different rooms. Quite a bit of variety in this one!
Downloads: 850
Added: 01/30/20
[DL] Wario Land 4 - Golden Passage Tileset By: CM30 [W]
The tiles used in the Golden Passage level in Wario Land 4.
Downloads: 710
Added: 01/30/20
[DL] Wario Land 4 - The Curious Factory Tileset By: CM30 [W]
Well, I had this tileset lying around, so I decided to submit it to MFGG. It's a nice factory tileset from The Curious Factory level in Wario Land 4, complete with plenty of animations, background tiles, etc.
Downloads: 803
Added: 01/30/20
[DL] Wario Land 4: Fiery Cavern Tileset By: CM30 [W]
The tileset for Fiery Cavern from Wario Land 4. Only the fire palette is included, but the other one should be easy to enough to create, since the tiles don't generally change,
Downloads: 1527
Added: 06/20/18
[DL] Spikeball By: CM30 [W]
A rolling spikeball enemy from Wario Land 4, which can be seen in the jungle section for Mystic Lake.

Surprised no one had ripped this yet.
Downloads: 1588
Added: 10/25/17
[DL] Donkey Kong Country 2; Krocodile Kore Background By: CM30 [W]
The background for the 'secret' final boss in Donkey Kong Country 2 on the SNES.
Downloads: 2083
Added: 09/17/16
[DL] Wario Land 2; Map Icons By: CM30 [W]
The map icons and arrows from Wario Land II.

Surprised this doesn't exist here, given how the whole map is on Mario Wiki and has every sprite clearly visible in it.

So now it is available!
Downloads: 2075
Added: 07/27/16
[DL] Wario Land 4: The Wario Hop By: CM30 [W]
Various sprites from the Wario Hop mini game.
Downloads: 2066
Added: 07/03/16
[DL] Wario Land 4; Wario Roulette By: CM30 [W]
The various sprites and objects from the Wario Roulette mini game in Wario Land 4.
Downloads: 2419
Added: 07/02/16
[DL] Wario Land 4; Arabian Night Tileset By: CM30 [W]
The tileset... well, tilesets from Arabian Night in Wario Land 4.
Downloads: 2093
Added: 07/02/16
[DL] Wario Land 4 Ending Backgrounds By: CM30 [W]
Most ending backgrounds from Wario Land 4.

Wondering why the images from the credits are different sizes? Because they technically are in game, the screen just cuts off the right side. Hence other rips just take what's immediately visible ...
Downloads: 2584
Added: 03/27/16
[DL] Wario Land 4 - File Select Menu Sprites By: CM30 [W]
Various sprites, icons and other stuff from the file select menu. Includes the background, text and icons for files and options.
Downloads: 2229
Added: 02/28/16
[DL] Drill Fish By: CM30 [W]
The sprites for the Drill Fish enemy from Catbat's boss battle in Wario Land 4.

If you're wondering why Wario is ground pounding in the preview icon? Well, fun tip no one else seems to know; you can kill this thing by ground pounding ...
Downloads: 2048
Added: 08/19/15
[DL] Robo Bird By: CM30 [W]
The Robo Bird enemy from Wario Land 4 has finally been ripped! It's an enemy exclusive to Hard and Super Hard mode.
Downloads: 1998
Added: 08/08/15
[DL] Wario Land 4; Hall of Hieroglyphs Full Tileset By: CM30 [W]
The entire tileset for the level, with all layers and animations.
Downloads: 2290
Added: 07/03/15
[DL] Wario Land 4; Forty Below Fridge Ice Tileset By: CM30 [W]
The main tileset from Forty Below Fridge.

Got to love that frozen fish!
Downloads: 2189
Added: 06/28/15
[DL] Wario Land 4; Forty Below Fridge Tileset 1 By: CM30 [W]
From room 1 and 2 of the level. Yes, all this is used in just TWO rooms. That take about a minute to get through.
Downloads: 2374
Added: 06/27/15
[DL] Wario Land 4 Backgrounds By: CM30 [W]
Various backgrounds from Wario Land 4. Some are conversions of the ones from this clickteam lib by Supertoad2k:¶m=02&c=1&id=141

The rest are newly ripped. Includes the following:

Downloads: 2153
Added: 06/06/15
[DL] Wario Land 4 Toxic Landfill Tileset By: CM30 [W]
All level specific foreground tiles, background tiles and animations from the Toxic Landfill in Wario Land 4.

Keep in mind that the game has four layers in play at all times, so you'll have to be able to figure that out.
Downloads: 2316
Added: 06/03/15
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