Apr 9 2021, 7:57 AM See Page
Just a couple of things and suggestions:
Blast Away the Wall in Whomp's Fortress seems impossible in Daredevil Mode without glitches due to the forced damage.
Would it be possible to add an Exit Level option? I quite enjoy the Odyssey style staying inside worlds while you grab stars but once you leave the first floor it's very much a hassle going up/down a level to return to those levels
SM64ex's Mario Odyssey Conversion mod has a feature where if you collect say the star from Whomp in Whomp's Fortress, the level transitions to the next act so rather than leaving and entering, one could just go up to the top again and grab the next star. Would adding something similar here be possible?

Single issue:
I seem to be getting very small lag spikes, I'm not sure if they're just audio or gameplay but they'll occur every now and then when something custom such as the notification of which star you've picked up is displayed. Given I'm running a 3900X and a 2080 at 1440p, 144hz I don't think this is a hardware problem.
Mar 9 2020, 12:11 AM See Page
Holy hell, the Hard Mode version of Rematch with Koopa the Quick needs to be nerfed.
After trying multiple time legitimately I settled on abusing the delay of bringing up his text box by doing a frame perfect jump and going down to the beach to start the race, using the shell to ride up the mountain and getting there with half a second to spare.
Unless you've added something or there's a warp I'm missing I honestly can't see how it can be done legitimately.