Review Information
Game Reviewed Bark Parking Demo, by Crizz
Review Author Roo
Created Mar 15 2022, 3:21 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I'm still not quite sure where the "Parking" part of the title comes into play.
Pros + Neat concept
Cons - Level design doesn't really mesh with said concept, sadly
5 / 10
The gameplay idea is pretty unique and sort of interesting, but also not very fun in the end, as the levels don't really feel like they were designed to accommodate the gameplay.

The boss fight is pretty bland and unintuitive.
6 / 10
The graphics are mostly alright, though a bit on the boring side, and some stuff (like Chomp's death animation) isn't very good at all.
7 / 10
The music and sounds are just fine.
Final Words
6 / 10
Worth trying out for the unique gameplay concept, but don't expect much.

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