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A Boo's Treat Christmas Special
By: Pedigree [E]
I haven't touched Clickteam in ages, but I was inspired by my throwback name change on Minus World (to SonicProject) to make a new version of a simple game I uploaded here on MFGG 13 years ago. Done mostly as a joke, this new version was fun to put together nonetheless. For those unaware, Boo's Treat is a collect the falling objects minigame and you had to avoid the light or take damage from it.

Here are links to the originals if you are curious:
Boo's Treat: http://bit.ly/2hnGzPM
Boo's Treat GOLD: http://bit.ly/2hnCBGR

Further information: http://forums.mfgg.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=19566
Completion: Full Game Genre: Minigame

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[O] Created: Dec 12 2016, 7:28 PM
[O] Updated: Never
[O] File Size: 11.1MB
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