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[DL] SMW Custom Toads Sprites Sheets By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
The SMW Toads sprites from Super Mario Maker 2 customized to look better.

The sheets Feature Toad, Toadette, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad.
Fire and Cape.

Extra Frames, frames from Cut Scenes from destroying Koopalings' castle, ...
Downloads: 1523
Added: 03/20/21
[DL] MLSS Gooigi Sprites Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Gooigi from Luigi's Mansion 3 and the remake of the 1st Luigi's Mansion game.
His frames are very bouncy and wobbly with no expressed face.
Downloads: 1235
Added: 05/09/20
[DL] SMW Ice Mario and Ice Luigi Sprites Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Super Mario World Style of Ice Mario and Ice Luigi.
Downloads: 1559
Added: 04/25/20
[DL] NEW SMW Yoshi Vol. 2 Sprites Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
My New SMW Yoshi sprites sheet not only has extra frames with funny expressed faces, but this sheet includes a lot of stuff from the Yoshi series such as New Baby Yoshis, Melons from SMW2: Yoshi's Island, Transformations from Yoshi's Island and ...
Downloads: 2732
Added: 04/22/20
[DL] SMW SMM2 Luigi Sprites Sheet. By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
The New SMW Luigi Sprites Sheets based on Super Mario Maker 2.
I did some editing especially (Yes, and I'm sorry) having to make em look 100% like the original sprites frame.

But I've also did a lot good customizing like the frames ...
Downloads: 1826
Added: 04/22/20
[DL] NEW SMW Koopalings By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
My version of the Koopaling from Super Mario World with their NEW designs since New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Along with their abilities from the New Super Mario Bros. Series and also the Mario & Luigi RPG series.

Iggy's Chain ...
Downloads: 3214
Added: 04/18/20
[DL] SMW Special Yoshis Sprites Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Different Yoshis from other Mario Games in Super Mario World Style.

Baby Yoshis from New Super Mario Bros.U/New Super Luigi U.

Boshi from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

The Village Leader from Paper Mario.
Downloads: 1665
Added: 04/17/20
[DL] SMW Birdo and Nabbit By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Happy Easter!
It's Birdo and Nabbit is Super Mario World Style
Downloads: 1600
Added: 04/13/20
[DL] MLSS Mario & Cappy Sprites Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Mario and his companion Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey are ready to do the Odyssey.
Downloads: 2336
Added: 10/27/19
[DL] MLSS King K. Rool Sprites Sheet. By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Donkey Kong's arch nemesis finally comes aboard as a Sprite Style based on Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

King K. Rool can throw his crown like a boomerang, drop cannonballs, dash, hop, and fake his death based on the 1st Donkey Kong Country ...
Downloads: 2105
Added: 06/01/19
[DL] SMW New Yoshi By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
In Super Mario World, You're only playing as Yoshi when Mario or Luigi ride on him.
Now you should play as Yoshi himself.
Downloads: 5770
Added: 05/19/17
[DL] MLSS Octoombas By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
MLSS Octoomba, Elite Octoomba, Octoguy, Octopus, and Octoboo.
The enemies from the Super Mario Galaxy series.
Downloads: 2631
Added: 04/26/17
[DL] MLSS Frog Mario & Frog Luigi By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
This is my idea of a remake for the Frog suits from Super Mario Bros 3, with my idea of new abilities such as a super charge jump and throwing bubbles.

Whats different about my new frog from the original one is just like the new style Tanooki ...
Downloads: 3009
Added: 04/25/17
[DL] MLSS World 2 Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
World 2 Desert

Also includes Pow Blocks and Gold Block

Makers of Enemies are in the Credits.
Downloads: 5442
Added: 01/06/13
[DL] MLSS World 1 Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Better tha my other one, includes new Items, new Blocks, and Check Points.
Downloads: 7697
Added: 01/06/13
[DL] MLSS Reznors Sprites Sheet. By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
The Reznors from Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros 2.

You can built your own Ferris Wheel for the Reznors.

To know how to make it, check my video on You Tube.

Links=) ...
Downloads: 3769
Added: 01/06/13
[DL] MLSS Spike Sprites Sheet By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Including Mad Spike, Snow Spike, and Stone Spike.

I'll stay here in MFGG.
Downloads: 3406
Added: 01/06/13
[DL] MLSS Yoshi Super Extra Sprites By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
EXTRA Sprites sheet of my MLSS YOSHI.

Everything from the games he was in,

Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Yoshi Story, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and more.
Have fun =)
Downloads: 8014
Added: 02/25/12
[DL] MLSS Dixie Kong By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Dixie Kong Sprites for Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
Downloads: 3986
Added: 09/30/11
[DL] MLSS Diddy Kong By: 9-Bit [E] [W]
Diddy Kong Sprites for Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
Downloads: 5141
Added: 09/30/11
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