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May 29 2020, 11:21 PM See Page
Quote (SuperSledgeBro on May 28 2020, 2:20 AM)
Yeah, but... You can find that in someone else's sprite sheet. (Or recolor the cannons yourself)

Still makes it incomplete and also they aren't just a recolor they are actually thick as well. That's excluding the regular red cannonballs.
May 28 2020, 1:05 AM See Page
You forgot the Red Cannons that shoot red cannonballs that launch faster.
May 21 2020, 4:42 AM See Page
Quote (Evan.F on May 18 2020, 2:45 PM)
They can be seen in a behind the scenes video recorded around the development of SMB/TLL and was used as footage for a Q&A around the release of Mario Maker

Do you have a source? I can't find it anywhere.
May 17 2020, 12:43 AM See Page
Great job love the color scheme you gave him too!
May 6 2020, 3:39 AM See Page
Quote (zacmario on May 5 2020, 10:55 PM)
Smw+allstars had the alternative smw Luigi. So that choice was made years ago, while original smb3 never received an updated Sprite while on the same console, smw did.

Yeah, also, Super Mario World at the time didn't have enough ROM space in its original release and due to time constraints,

According to Miyamoto, sixteen people were involved in the creation of the game, and it took about three years to make, especially the game was built from SMB3 during early development, that wasn't until Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World which that game had more free space to add Luigi's graphics which his unique graphics are found in the ROM base's graphics with the rest of the original Super Mario All-Star graphics, rather than in SMW's graphics files itself. Luigi also had a unique sprite in the end screen of Super Mario World while in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES was a green Mario in the Mushroom House levels.

If a Super Mario All-Stars theme came in a Super Mario Maker 3, Luigi would very likely get unique sprites for his SMB1 and 3 sprites. They wanted to keep the NES ones faithful to the original for historical and legacy reasons and besides even if they gave the NES SMB3 Sprite the All-Star one but 8-bit, they may as well do the same to the SMB1 sprite but it didn't since the hitbox size would be too big and they wanted to keep the original sprites consistent, Mario's sprites were already about 32x32 which is large enough. Out of all the game styles in Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario World is the third most modern game on the list behind New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D World.
May 1 2020, 4:03 AM See Page
They look too thin proportion wise. They should be wider than that. See here.
Apr 23 2020, 5:13 PM See Page
These are great though accurately the rectangular blocks should be 48 in width (and in height for the verticle ones).
For the giant rectangular ones 96 in width (and in height for the verticle ones).
Apr 22 2020, 4:05 AM See Page
Quote (SuperSledgeBro on Apr 21 2020, 9:16 PM)
I didn't include the crouch and death sprites because they are already too similar to the originals. But not including the shooting pose was a mistake, I actually forgot! I'll update it and add the shooting pose!
Oh good! Also, Mario has two frames with swimming with his feet underwater too. There are other poses too. See here for a reference sheet:
I hope you will do Luigi next so it's complete, I would love to make this into a SMAS ROM hack someday!
Apr 21 2020, 3:33 PM See Page
There already is that crouch poses in the original All-Stars. But death, grows and shooting is missing.
Apr 7 2020, 12:58 AM See Page
I'm honestly shocked you didn't include this...?
Perhaps as an alt, it would be the Emblem L's but with the letter upside-down with purple as well.
Apr 6 2020, 11:06 PM See Page
Looks good, though the Ice Flower could be bright it looks too flame blue or looking like a Water Flower. I would use turquoise (blue not green), cyan and then white in the center to make it look like an Ice Flower.
Apr 1 2020, 10:36 PM See Page
Huh, I guess this is based on Mario's appearance when he gets out of the shower in Superstar Saga?
Feb 29 2020, 12:58 AM See Page
Quote (mariofan230 on Feb 28 2020, 11:51 PM)
But Luigi, Mario, Toad and Toadette have no greater "difference" in the Super Mario World style of Mario Maker 2.

It also kind of messes up the proportions and looking uneven too. It's why Maker 2 SMW Luigi was given Mario's body but taller.
Feb 22 2020, 7:00 PM See Page
Of course, you can!
Once Super Mario Maker 2 is done being supported and doesn't get an All-Stars theme I will make the All-Star shading for those sprites from that game.
Feb 18 2020, 2:14 AM See Page
Of course! Just please give credit.
Jan 20 2020, 8:38 PM See Page
Hey, these look really awesome, love the details on them too! What a hilarious coincidence I just got Luigi's unique World Map sprites done for SMW.
Jan 7 2020, 3:43 AM See Page
Other than that, it's all the colors that exist really.
Jan 6 2020, 11:35 PM See Page
So are Yellow and Green Fuzzies, they've only been in those games. So your point exactly?
Jan 6 2020, 9:37 PM See Page
These are great! But what about the Pink/Flower Fuzzy from TTYD and Super Paper Mario?
Jan 6 2020, 7:03 PM See Page
Oh, I love this so much! This is perfect for SMB1 styled fan games/hacks too! Great job on this!
Do you think you might include that pterodactyl one you can see in the middle of that concept art?
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