Time for a update!
Jul 27 2021, 7:14 AM

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It's been a couple weeks since we had an update so here it is :)

Recent Additions
Luigi Proppler Mushroom By AnasWael
SMAS SMB1 Mario Maker Objects By SuperSledgeBro
SMB1 & SMW Pipeland Theme By Crafink
Small Mario By OmegaF.
My Version Of Luigi! By Luigiisthebest, Pixelcraftian
Goombrat // Smm2 Smb3 SMAS Style By Keymil Animations
SMAS SMB1 Koopalings By SuperSledgeBro
SMM1 Weird Mario Sprites in SMAS Ver. By SuperDaltonMaker
My Version Of Peach! By Luigiisthebest, Pixelcraftian
Small Toad By OmegaF.
Small Luigi By OmegaF.
sungaloombas in SMM2 styles By MasterDarkar
Mario in Eversion By YanJunTaki
Super Mario Odyssey - Police Suit [2D] By 309846GB
Sonic Macguffins in the SMB1 Style By BullyWithAHat
SMB1 Bouncy House Tileset + BG By Theopold
Smb1 Mountain tileset (Revamped) By 309846GB
Penguin suit in SMM2 styles By MasterDarkar
SML2 Wario Remake By jovial-imp
Tweeter in SMM2 styles By MasterDarkar

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