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[DL] Electric Generator (Mega Man & Bass, 8-Bit) By: murphmario [W]
The Electric Generator enemy from Mega Man & Bass, devamped to match the style of the first six Mega Man games (as well as 9 and 10 technically.) There were no sprites of this enemy in an 8-bit style, so I decided to make my own version. Enjoy!
Downloads: 172
Added: 09/17/21
[DL] Kirby's Block Ball - King Dedede By: murphmario [W]
King Dedede, as seen during his boss fight in Kirby's Block Ball. With his dancing, bomb-throwing, and a freaking rocket launcher, this is for sure one of the most bizarre fights with Dedede in the entire Kirby series. He doesn't even use his ...
Downloads: 349
Added: 05/28/21
[DL] Kirby's Block Ball - Save Select By: murphmario [W]
The save select screen from Kirby's Block Ball. For a breakout clone, this game's quite good. Give it a try sometime.
Downloads: 328
Added: 05/28/21
[DL] SMW2: YI Cave Tiles By: murphmario [W]
Here's another Yoshi's Island tileset I ripped. Should include most tiles from the cave levels as well as all cycling palettes.

Also, like the forest tiles, the cave levels actually use two different tilesets. Content from both sets ...
Downloads: 640
Added: 05/28/21
[DL] SMW2: YI Forest Tiles By: murphmario [W]
Not actually sure what environment the levels that use these tiles use, but Golden Egg says that they're used in forests, so...
Also, technically speaking, this is actually two separate tilesets in one. I just decided to include everything since ...
Downloads: 729
Added: 08/01/20
[DL] SMW2: YI Jungle Tiles By: murphmario [W]
A tileset I ripped back in 2019 since the TSR didn't have it, though I didn't actually submit it there until recently. I've decided to post these tileset rips here as well since some of Shikaternia's sheets have misaligned tiles, incorrectly-ripped ...
Downloads: 551
Added: 08/01/20
[DL] SMAS SMB1 Pullable Cloud By: murphmario [W]
Since the sprites of the cloud platforms between the original SMB1 and it's All-Stars version are nearly identical asides from shading, I figured I'd reshade and edit the sprites that appear in Super Mario Maker 2's recent update, used when ...
Downloads: 1371
Added: 04/23/20
[DL] Super Mario All Stars - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Tileset and Objects By: murphmario [W]
A large rip of SMB3 tiles, including tiles not present on Retriever II's 2005 sheets, as well as being more accurate than said sheet. It also includes a bunch of unused graphics, both new and still in the ROM from the NES version!

No credit ...
Downloads: 1905
Added: 01/18/20
[DL] Super Mario All Stars - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ending By: murphmario [W]
Various sprites related to Super Mario Bros. 3's ending (or credits, even though there aren't actually any credits involved.) Tiles exclusive to the ending will come in a future tileset sheet that I'm working on.

No credit needed. ...
Downloads: 952
Added: 01/18/20
[DL] NSMB Lava Bubble Rip By: murphmario [W]
Ripped as seen in the files because despite being a 2D Sprite, these haven't gotten their own sheet on any site for whatever reason.

Also, not sure if these are called Podoboos or Lava Bubbles in this game. I prefer the former but am going ...
Downloads: 967
Added: 05/03/19
[DL] Mario 3: Around the World (Genesis Bootleg) - Level 1 By: murphmario [W]
The first level of Mario 3: Around the World, a pretty bad bootleg Mario game. Includes a foreground, background, and a tileset.

No credit needed.
Downloads: 1518
Added: 11/19/18
[DL] SMW2: YI Tap-Tap the Red Nose Rip By: murphmario [W]
A rip of Tap-Tap the Red Nose and it's golden palette swap from Yoshi's Island. This sheet requires assembly to use, with an example on the right side of the sheet.

No credit needed.
Downloads: 2636
Added: 02/28/18
[DL] NSMB Quicksand Rip By: murphmario [W]
There's no good rip of this for some reason; the two rips I could find were both missing a frame and one of them wasn't even in tile form.

No credit needed; sprites in the thumbnail that aren't the quicksand are not mine.
Downloads: 2464
Added: 01/06/18
[DL] SMW Beta Sprites By: murphmario [W]
Some sprites I recreated from a blurry sprite sheet from Super Mario World, as seen here:
I've also included some other small stuff like different colors ...
Downloads: 4602
Added: 09/30/17
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