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I like this, you made him really well!
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I would say that my theory is that of how much users comment in a sprite sheet usually appears to be based on users interest and/or quality of the art. I just had to clarify it. These sprites seem to lack the style, here's why:

1. Their noses are missing, are you sure that's right? I would depict them in.

2. I feel like topper is too tall and might need to be shortened a bit (About 5 to 9 pixels shortened would do the trick).

3. They all break the 3 Color rule, Rango has more colors than all the other broodals. You might of intended to make the black parts part of the background like bowser but if you did, Hariet's helmet would blend in a lot, including the spike balls that are just below it, and her boots.

4. Topper and spewart's hands are just circles, while making it detailed would be nice. Hariet's gloves should be detailed as well. A suggestion for this would be making fingers into the circled hands.

5. All four broodals are missing teeth. Bunnies have teeth and these could use some.

6. I would make spewart lean to the front when spitting goo, currently the sprite here has him standing, which is odd.

7. I'll point out that the hats are too small when it is thrown. Especially hariet's helmet doesn't look spiky enough, since it just has white dots which make it look more like metal beads on the front of the hat. What I mean with the hats being small is the fact that it would be quite hard for the player to stomp on it because it is not wide enough, you should probably use the SMM SMB1 Bowser. Jr's shell as a reference.
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The seventh toad sprite (All power forms expect small) has bigger forehead (Thats just above the eyes) than the sixth sprite, while Toadette does not share this. But if that was an intent, that's okay. Everything else is good!
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Quote (leeseongjae620 on Oct 15 2019, 10:30 AM)
Where's Super Mario Bros 1. Mega Tiles (Level UP)?

Not only that John_santos's Airship Level Up recreation disappeared too, huh.

On topic: Great build a parts!
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That yoshi in the bottom of the sprite sheet, predicted super mario odyssey!
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Not bad!
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Quote (JacobLeBeauREAL on Oct 29 2019, 11:05 PM)
I like this, however...isn't there already a fan made Sonic Maker in development? Might wanna rename.

The description says it. Something as good as imagination.
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Quote (hdtv on Oct 28 2019, 2:25 AM)
I guess if I ever use them I can edit them, but I
think our disagreements are just personal preference.

I see how it goes, like some people might actually dislike the SMB1 SMM2 Toad sprites that nintendo made, I know one user actually disagrees with them, which is from an offical sprite. Even offical sprites can be disagreed by people. Let's just say that i just copied almost what the SMAS SMB1 luigi looks without outlines, and move on. Thanks for the compliment anyway!
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Quote (hdtv on Oct 27 2019, 7:16 PM)
This is different because the outlines make it look bigger and less square.

Right they make it less square but, still is a square when you remove the outlines. If nintendo makes it square it's square.
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Quote (hdtv on Oct 27 2019, 7:05 PM)
For the death pose, I think his hands are too small, and I think his hat and shoes are too square. Other than that I like everything else.

Here's a comparison of the sprite:

Does it ring a bell now?
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Quote (BM44 on Oct 27 2019, 6:33 PM)
The death sprite needs some work.

If you mean it by the pose or face, that was an intent...
But if not how?
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Quote (Clobbah on Oct 2 2019, 1:29 PM)
These are just... recolors?

Yea, half of the custom sprites here are recolors.... I might make my version.
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These are coming along well! Keep up the good work!
Oct 8 2019, 9:25 PM See Page
They accepted this so... Anyway fantastic job on this!
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Quote (Alijah Roman on Sep 16 2019, 1:43 AM)
Are you going to finish SMB2 Winged Boom Boom?

Hopefully I'll eventually make it, especially 16-bit.

Quote (Alijah Roman on Sep 16 2019, 1:43 AM)

Let me guesses for SMM2 SMB2 Sprite Sheets

Part 1: Playable Characters & Items
Part 2: Enemies
Part 3: Objects
Part 4: Tilesets
Part 5: Backgrounds

You posted like 7 off-topic comments on my sheets, what exactly does that have to do with the sprite sheet? Your'e on topic of SMM2 and SMB2 but..
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Just a few things to mention:
The part where you were talking about the Moon & Twister being recolors or not I'm just going to say that actually theirs still quite a bunch of enemies in this sheet that are just simple edits of Cruise elroy's SMB2 Sprites or SMW sprites other than the Twister and the moon. But Darius made it that way in the first place for SMM1.

Firstly, the muncher is just SMW but in black and white (Of course), same with Magikoopa. Secondly, Bob-ombs are just simply Cruise elroy's sprites but with the same shiny spot as the SML2 Cannon Pig found in Space levels and given a key on it's back. Chain chomps look kind of like his sprites, it could look a little more less like his sprites. The chain chomp post looks a bit too much like the SMW one. Maybe at least re-shade it and slightly modify the shape of it. Wigglers appear to be SMB3 Edits, the only difference is literally the nose and cheek, give the whole wiggler sprites more feeling for SML2, like a slightly changed shape of it's body and probably redoing the legs and feet and changing the eyes to something more fitting, making a whole new sprite of the flower which I would suggest not just copying and pasting the SMB3 sprite.

EDIT: The boots as well.

Bowser Jr's shell is a recolor of SMW or SMB3, but I guess it's fine because both of those styles of BJR's shell is a recolor anyway. As I checked yes, BOTH the moon and the twister are recolors or simple edits. The moon seems to be edited from SMB1 with a large smile and a long nose, the eyes could be more larger or modified in a way that fits the moon seen in SML2. The twister seems to be edited from SMB3 or SMW? Well, it looks okay.

Overall the sheet is okay. But I feel like this needs some more time in the oven. And that is all the enemies that are ether recolored or simply edited from a different art style.
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Woah.... you are absolutely great at this! We'd be thrilled to see more like this!
Sep 3 2019, 4:03 AM See Page
Nicely done. Looking forward to more!
Sep 2 2019, 9:05 PM See Page
Quote (hdtv on Jan 25 2019, 12:41 PM)
What would you like me to work on?

Um... I think he means the sprites could use improvement.
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Quote (tarkan809 on Aug 13 2019, 10:13 AM)
Uhh... Why isn't there a render map and normal Sprite?
Also if RQs are open then what would Rex from Super Mario World would look like in NSMBU?

What do you mean by normal sprite? The top ones are normal, and the bottom ones are mainly for the map. When Requests are open Rex in NSMBU would look like the Rex from Superstar saga remake.
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