Review Information
Game Reviewed Paper Mario 3D Land, by DJ Coco
Review Author Xandalf
Created Feb 3 2015, 11:54 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Paper Mario 3D Land is a cool mix of Paper Mario and Super Mario 3D world.
Pros - A great combination of Super Mario 3D World and Paper Mario
- Not very much lag
- Runs smoothly
Cons - No storyline
- Slow paced
8 / 10
I think the game play is really good, but it's tedious to jump right on an enemy, since they're flat.
10 / 10
Stays very true to the original Paper Mario. I didn't notice any clashes or oddly placed graphics.
10 / 10
Well placed music and the sounds give me a bit of nostalgia.
7 / 10
It's fun, but it doesn't have that much replay value. Not to mention it's really long...
Final Words
8 / 10
A quality and fun 3D platformer, but it lacks in a few perspectives.

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