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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bowser Gate SFX By: Alex.Neumann12
WAV So I got a request to get a couple of SFX for the Bowser Gate in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This upload is the files I was requested to create along with the raw captured audio around that sequence for any Audacity retrimming needs. One of these days I'm ...
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Added: 06/19/17
Luigi's Mansion - Main Theme - Piano By: Benny B [W]
OGG The Luigi's Mansion theme song for Nintendo Gamecube, but made with piano. The file is roughly 3.8mb, and around 4 1/2 minutes. This song adds a classical spooky background to gameplay. The piano puts a more ominous effect, but was not played in ...
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Added: 06/19/17
SMG Honey Bee Voices By: KamellaFan, KamellaFan/Nintendo
WAV You encounter them on Beehive Galaxy
They work for Queen Bee.

They are kind of funny :3

Enjoy Honey Bee
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Added: 06/06/17
Super Mario Advance 2 and Super Mario Advance 4 Sound Rips By: antonioflowers056 [W]
WAV A huge collection of high quality sound effects from the GBA version of Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 (SMA2 and SMA4), like jumping, coins, skidding, mushroom and many, many more sounds. Credits not needed, but please do not claim as your ...
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Added: 04/01/17
Mario Kart 8 Daisy Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Daisy Voice from Mario Kart 8

Voice by Deanna Mustard

Ripped Voice Clips by RafaMario

Nintendo 2014
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Added: 03/02/17
Game & Watch Gallery 2 - Parachute By: jimmylampkin [E]
MIDI Hello everyone. I'm here with another MIDI song. This one is the Parachute song from Game & Watch Gallery 2. If you like, you can check out my YouTube Channel for this and non-Mario music.(Jimster3ds)
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Added: 12/14/16
Mario Party 10 [Toad] Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Toad Voice from Mario Party 10

Credtis if you want it
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Added: 11/30/16
Mario Party 10 [Toadette] Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Toadette Voice from Mario Party 10
Credits if you want.
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Added: 11/30/16
Mario Party 10 [Donkey Kong] Voice By: RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Hi all RafaMario here and I release Donkey Kong voice from Mario Party 10
If you want to give credit that's fine
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Added: 11/30/16
Custom NES Mario SFX By: lu9 [W]
WAV SFX from Super Mario World and Super Mario 3D World in NES/GB 8-bit.
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Added: 07/15/16
Mario Kart Double Dash Instruments By: Ambiance 69
WAV All instruments ripped from the original game
Ripped and then grouped (organ, piano, bass etc.) by me.
No credit required
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Added: 06/24/16
Wario's Woods NES - Title By: jimmylampkin [E]
MIDI Hey everyone. I'm back with another MIDI song. It's the title song from Wario's Woods for the NES. I hope you all enjoy it.
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Added: 06/19/16
Mario Picross - All Sound Effects By: MasterGamePro [W]
WAV All sound effects from Mario Picross, both from the menu and in-game.

Instruments/music not included.
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Added: 05/10/16
Custom Wario Voice Clips (Basic Platformer Pack) By: GamerFox0255 [W]
WAV My first actually can be useful pack for fan games that I posted to the site xD

Contains a wide variety of grunts, laughs, dialogue and more of Wario that you can use in your project as long as you give credit :)

This take on Wario ...
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Added: 05/06/16
Custom Mario Voice Lines (Inital Impression Demo Pack) By: GamerFox0255 [W]
WAV One of the iconic aspects of Mario is his voice, and when making Fan Games featuring him we are usually limited to what we can have him and other character say. We're limited to the preexisting audio samples and the audio quality isn't consistent ...
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Added: 05/05/16
Gamma V's Custom Compositions By: Gamma V [W]
OGG This folder contains 13 songs originally composed for Super Mario World ROM hacks between 2011 and 2015. They have been converted to .ogg format to be used in more than just ROM hacks. See the included About.txt for more info on each of the songs, ...
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Added: 03/18/16
Waluigi Pinball (Sega Genesis Mix) By: MikeyStar45 [E] [W]
OGG One of the scrapped musical themes for Super Mario: All-Star Attack. It is in .ogg format. The theme has been composed by a user named 'Karate Cat'.
No credit needed (by me, but for him, feel free to do so!)
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Added: 02/05/16
Mario Party 10 [Peach] Voice By: RafaMario, RafaLuigi, RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Here are Peach's voice clips from Mario Party 10 for the Wii U. Have fun!

Voices ripped by: BullyWiiPlaza and myself.

Credit? I don't know.
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Added: 02/03/16
Mario Party 10 [Mario] Voice By: RafaMario, RafaLuigi, RafaMario [E] [W]
WAV Here are Mario's voice clips from Mario Party 10 for the Wii U. Have fun!

Voiced by Charles Martinet.

Credit? I don't know.
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Added: 02/03/16
Mario Bros. Sound Effects (NES Version) By: Vitiman
OGG I ripped these back in 2013 for my little minigame "Wario Bros.", which I believe I released exclusively to the forums. These are probably from the original Mario Bros., but they may also be from Mario Bros. Classic, a later updated release ...
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Added: 02/03/16
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