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This sounds interesting. Gotta try it the next time I replay SMRPG.
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Quote (Ostrich101 on Aug 4 2022, 8:00 AM)
That's weird, I'm getting reports that the engine is either accurate or not accurate from 3 different folks who played it? What is going on here?

I can't speak for anyone else, but the acceleration was the biggest problem for me. It's especially noticeable with those two-tile-wide platforms in the DK level, because sometimes I wouldn't have enough speed to make the jump despite having a running start.

Quote (Ostrich101 on Aug 4 2022, 8:00 AM)
Can I hear exactly what those "little bugs" were? Because that information would be really useful for the updated release.

I don't exactly remember them, but there's the checkpoint thing, at least, and I think I fell through a platform once. I also just replayed the first level and noticed two things; you can shoot the boss to death without actually starting the fight, and the timer still counts down once you pick up the ? Orb (though I got credit for clearing the level anyway, so I don't know if it matters).
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Reviewed it. One thing I did forget to mention is that if you get a checkpoint from one level, die, and go to another level, it acts as if you got the checkpoint from THAT level.

Also, what is the stuff in level 8 from? I thought it was an Action 52 stage or something at first, but probably not.
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When's the English version coming out?
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This update still says "morbius", though. Morbheads keep winning.
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If you want to stop that from happening with your games, go to the "Windows" menu in Properties and check "Unpacked EXE". It makes the game folder look a bit less nice, but it shouldn't trigger any false virus alarms any more.
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Quote (Q-Nova on May 18 2022, 10:48 AM)
I had a lot of fun making this game, though. I'm glad you hosted that old fangame-themed jam; that was so much fun! I'd love to make another game, a much better one, with TGF, whether for another jam or not!

I HAVE been considering hosting another jam. It has somehow been like 3 years since the last one, after all.
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These are so good they kinda make me want to do an SMB1-style fan game just so I could use them in it.
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Pretty good. Glad to see MM-style sprites that aren't just lazy edits of Mega Man himself.
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It doesn't seem to load. I waited for several minutes, but the loading bar just stayed at "0/0".
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Quote (VinnyVideo on Jan 12 2022, 3:47 AM)
Wow, that's a blast from the past! This was one of the first fangames I ever played.

I can't say it's an amazing-quality game, though.

I highly recommend playing through some old fangames. You might even have fun with a couple of 'em.
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That's a pretty fun idea for a powerup.
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I collected ~380 coins, but I was still told I need more. Do I need to do something specific in the final battle? It seems kind of unbeatable with the time limit and random attacks and all.
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Quote (Ralorche on Sep 16 2021, 11:02 PM)
What surprised me the most about this review was that Cool Maryo X-treme was "good". I played it a few weeks ago while I was trying to record videos of my scrapped games and it was one of the most painful experiences I've gone through in any video game I've ever played. Also, I'm pretty sure the terrible rotating platforms were done on purpose, I don't remember why, these are remakes of games I made 5 years ago. The semi-transparent platforms were also completely invisible in the original versions.

Maybe I was slightly over-positive, but I think it's at least decent (though it's probably mainly the graphics that make me think that).

I probably also put stuff like that in my old games, so I guess I can't complain much.
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[Mario voice] Just what I needed!
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I like them. I don't know what I'd use them for, but I like them.
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Almost makes me want to make a game about Small Wario.
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Quote (Mariotroid on Aug 23 2021, 1:07 AM)
Thank you. Yes, all the graphics are placeholder and the game mostly is. I must fix the physics and collisions I have been told. I have been at this game for half a decade. I hope one day to complete it.

The game is kind of meant to be easy as I find a lot of fangames are too difficult and the challenge isnt very well paced in most of them.

I definitely agree with the whole difficulty thing.

Hope you complete it some day.
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There's something simultaneously funny and sad about the fact that all the games in the 10th Anniversary Special were Clickteam games and 11 out of the 13 games in the 20th Anniversary Special are Game Maker games. Says a lot about society :pensive:
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Nice job. Wish they had given us that dang SMB2 style.
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