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[DL] SMM2: SMB1 Objects All-Star Styled By: CardBoardBox, Valtteri
The objects in my previous sprite sheet have been improved here!
Please give credit.
Downloads: 1886
Added: 08/09/19
[DL] SMM2: SMB1 Enemies All-Star Styled By: CardBoardBox
Sorry about the sprite sheet not having Boom Boom. I will add him eventually.
Trust me.
Downloads: 1816
Added: 07/03/19
[DL] SMM2 Sprites All Stars-Styled By: CardBoardBox
Well, someone had to do it!
Left: SMB1 Middle: SMB3 Right: SMW NES
Please give credit.
Downloads: 2059
Added: 06/20/19
[DL] Nabbit in SMB By: CardBoardBox
There are a lack of Nabbit sprite sheets out there in MFGG, so I made this. Hope you enjoy!
For AwesomeZack.
Please don't steal.
Downloads: 920
Added: 02/11/19
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